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05-23-2018 12:13 PM
blueridge Journal Update:

Well...I'm officially unemployed now. I've been taking a lot of my time to finish projects around the house that I've been meaning to get done, but haven't yet.

I got my snake rack completed, and everyone has been enjoying their new set ups.
I've still been having to work with Momo on getting her to eat. Not too sure what her deal is. :/ Her attitude reminds me of when Atticus was younger, and she just went of food for a couple of weeks, then started eating on her own again. Other than that she is a happy little tegu. Constantly wanting to get out and explore, and is definitely taming down to the fact that she'll curl up on me to sleep. I also weighed her today and she has gained a total of 10g since last month!
Everyone is has been doing great.

I've been having some trouble in the 46G. I noticed it right before I put Elliot in there, but haven't seen it pop back up till this week. I've been having one random rasabora come down with scrapes on their side then tattered fins, along with swimming radically. Not too sure what is going on, and it will only affect one fish. Tested my water and parameters are fine. I started treatment with General Cure today, and I have my fingers crossed that it will clear things up.

Yesterday when my Dad and I were coming back from the horse pasture I spotted an Eastern Rat Snake. I was super excited to see him/her. It was probably around the 4-5ft range in length too. My Dad held if off from wondering while I ran inside to grab my camera. I only got two photos of it outside before it went under the shed, that's were the other photos were taken.
05-09-2018 08:32 PM
blueridge Journal Update:

Realized I didn't post all the photos that I took over the weekend, so I just thought I would share with you guys~
Sorry if there are any duplicates
05-06-2018 08:38 PM
blueridge Thanks Mama J! I was kind of surprised with Walmart, but then I wasn't because I've bought quite a lot of bettas from them and they have all lived quite long and healthy lives. In fact the first Goober came from them. Just glad to see they were keeping up with things.

Yes those two girls are hilarious! I in-fact had Atticus out the other day on my back, her favorite place to hang out, and she was puzzled with my Mom walking around me

Thanks! I'm hoping something better will come along. I hate that it didn't work out, but it definitely isn't for me. :/
05-06-2018 07:43 PM
themamaj Somewhat humorous that Walmart had the healthier fish. Glad to hear that though and new boy is beautiful as are all of your tanks! I love hearing about your reptiles. Could just imagine what was going through Momo and Atticus's minds. Looks like you had some good snake sheds too! Sorry things didn't work out with the job. It doesn't sound like that was a good situation. I am glad you have more time with your animals right now and I know the right thing will come up for you.
05-06-2018 12:46 PM
blueridge Journal Update:

Ok so a quick explanation on the betta in the previous post. I couldn't go without a betta in the 46G so I decided to head over to Petsmart to get one. Most of them looked horrible. There were a couple with brown algae in the bottom of their cups, like they haven't been cleaned in ages. A lot were pretty poor looking. I spotted this guy, who instantly started "talking" to me. He didn't look too shabby; just some clamped fins. I even named him Elton. He ate for me for about two days. Then I worked an extremely long day at work, which I didn't bother to check on him because I figured he was fine. The next morning I checked in on him, which I should probably mention that this whole time he was in quarantine, just to find that he had passed away. I took him back to Petsmart to get my refund, and decided to head over to Walmart, which their fish were in fantastic shape! No dead fish, no algae, spot less tanks, betta cups weren't over filled so they couldn't breath, and no cups were filled with pellets. I picked up a handsome boy from there. He is purple/blue with red wash in his fins. His name is Elliot, and I don't have pictures of him yet to share >.<

The other pictures are of the individual betta slots in the 20L. The two new boys that you will see are Hawk, the halfmoon (the coloring in his fins remind me of feathers), and Red, the blue dumbo (yes I named a blue betta red).
And more note before you look at pictures, two of my goldfish have been breeding like crazy! So maybe I'll get babies?
05-06-2018 10:54 AM
blueridge Journal Update:

Sorry I haven't posted in like a month. Life kind of got in the way of things. :/
I'm going to break my post into two parts so it is easier to follow.

First up is work. Where to begin...So after working there a month now, I gave my two weeks. Yup you read that right! After being there I realized that this job is not for me. They kept pulling one thing after another, and I got to my breaking point. One of the things that they tried to pull was, I was suppose to show up to help do kennels on a Sunday. After agreeing to meet with one of the other employees, I showed up at the time agreed to find that they weren't there. I waited around for 20 min. and still no one showed. After going back to work later that week I got blamed for not showing up. When I told them what happened, I got an excuse that no one had my number including the Manager; which just seems sketchy to me. On top of a few other things, they have been working me like crazy. A normal day for me is working 11+ hour days, which by the way this isn't an emergency vet either. Most of the time the other receptionist gets more days off than me, and gets to go home early. Since I've been working that I get to see very little of my pets. There have been days in a row where I don't even get to see my horses. And just around it has been a horrible experience.
As to what I'm going to do next is still up in the air, but I'm hoping positive things will come my way. *fingers crossed*

We are going to skip fish in this post, because the next one will be centered around them.
The reptiles have been doing good. I really have an itch to make Sophie's and Bean's enclosures better, but that of course will have to wait. Plus if I get any supplies I'll have to wait for Repticon so it is easier to obtain stuff.
Sunny has shed for me twice now, and he is definitely growing. I love that little bugger, because he has such a wonderful personality~
Sebastian is about to go into shed too. I pulled him out the other day, and much to my surprise he didn't get all mean on me I'm hoping he will calm down with age, because blood pythons are such beautiful snakes.
Momo has been growing like a weed! However the past week she hasn't been eating as much. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact we turned on the A/C and it gets a little colder on her. She is still rearing to get out of her cage all the time though so that is a good thing.
Atticus discovered her, Momo, the other day. Atticus had to get out of her cage so I let her roam. While she was doing that I had Momo out to feed her. Atticus was suspicious as to what I was doing on the floor. At that time Momo decided to pop out from in front of me, and Atticus went full flair! Scared poor baby Momo
These reptiles have so much personality!

The pictures are of random flowers, and Momo. The betta I will discuss in the other post, I forgot I uploaded him here...
04-15-2018 01:14 PM
themamaj Beautiful pictures! Love Momo. Cute they are both pining for attention. True siblings 😊
04-15-2018 11:25 AM
blueridge Journal Update:

So I totally forgot to take pictures of the fish tanks this week like I said I would...Sorry! Instead though I have pictures of the boys, and some random photos of nature.

Tanks are doing good. I'm battling some green slime algae in the 20L. It isn't in every section, but just two of them. I've been slacking on doing water changes on the 46G. I have a python hose that I use on that tank, but I've managed to clog the sink that it hooks up too So now I need to call someone to come fix it. I noticed that now that the weather is warming up, two of my goldfish are trying to breed. I doubt I'll have eggs because they will probably eat them, but it is still cool to watch. Speaking of goldfish too, I'm slowly looking into adding plants into my goldfish tub outside. I haven't narrowed down species yet, but I have an idea of what I would like to do.

Reptiles are doing good. My snake rack was suppose to ship out this week, but it didn't. I'm going to have to call the company again and see what is going on. Both Atticus, and my tegu girl have been begging for attention all week. If you let one out the other wants out too Oh and speaking of the little tegu! I officially have a name for her now! It has been a nickname I've been calling her so I decided to go with it. Her name is Momo, which means peach in japanese (I've been calling her peach).

Also a funny story from my week. Yesterday I had to work, and they decided to send me to go get lunch. So I hopped in my car and left. When I got to the place to pick it up, the guy asked if it was ok to put it in the back. I told him, "yeah." Next thing I know I hear, "umm...somethings wrong with your door." I got out to find that one of the back door's latches wouldn't latch any more, this car has been recalled for that but we are on a wait list to get it fixed. The guy was flipping out! I told him not to panic that it wasn't his fault. And long story short I got to go home early because the car door wouldn't shut
*The rose bush you'll see in the photos is probably about 12-15 ft high.
04-07-2018 08:15 PM
blueridge Journal Update:

Working at the vet office has been going good. There is A LOT to learn. Just trying to take it one day at a time.
This week was also my last week working at the pet store, and I'm so glad that is over! I haven't talked about this much, but it has been a nightmare working up there and I've just been done with that job.

Had a little bit of sad news this morning. I noticed Summer at the bottom of the tank hanging out in the plants, but didn't think anything of it. When I went to do a water change I noticed he was still in the same spot. After taking a closer look I noticed that he had passed away. Not sure why though. He's been eating perfect, and being his normal self.
SIP Summer 2017-2018

Everyone else is doing good. Minnie is still having swimming issues, but eating perfectly fine. I'm going to try and take pictures of the tanks this week to share with y'all next weekend so y'all can see the two "new" boys that I haven't shared yet, and so y'all can see the 20L that I did.

The reptiles are doing good. I think I have a name for the tegu girl, but I just want to make sure it sticks so I'm going to try and keep calling her it. Hopefully it sticks!
04-06-2018 09:02 AM
blueridge They do just cats and dogs. It would be amazing to work with an exotic vet. Maybe one day...

Yes! I would love that too. I know that they like to hang out with their owners, which she is slowly starting to seek my attention.
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