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Yesterday 08:59 PM
Rainbo I just fed Picasso and he repeated what he did this morning. He'll eat a couple bites then he rapidly darts away like something scared him or hurt him, I'm not sure what's up with that. I decided to put a dose of Prazipro in the tank to see if it helps, but I doubt that it will. I figure I'll give him every chance I can think of, even if it's a long shot.
Yesterday 02:45 PM
Rainbo Poor Picasso is not doing well at all, and I've come to believe he's simply existing, and not really living. He's rail thin despite my feeding him. His appetite isn't that good, but he does still want to eat. He spends 99% of his time laying either on the bottom of the tank, or on his plants at the top. I keep dancing around euthanizing him, and I know I should, but I'm having trouble getting myself to do so. 1. I've done it once before and it broke my heart, and 2. I think I keep hoping for a 9th inning miracle. My current decision is to give him till Saturday and if I see no improvement just go ahead and do it.

On a happier note. Bruiser is still doing good. Yes his tumor is growing but so far he's holding his own. He explores his tank, hunts down any food that may have dropped to the bottom, and loves to come watch me when I'm by his tank. About the main changes in him is he's s bit slower, and no longer builds bubble nest.

RuPaul is also doing well, whatever it was that was at the base of his tail is gone. He patrols his 20 gal tank and keeps the rasbora's and cory cats in line, he also likes to see what I'm up to when I stand near his tank.

Corky hasn't had a relapse of whatever had him so lethargic that one day, he's pretty laid back and lazy, but I think that's because of his twin tail. He does well though, has a good appetite, and while he's on the shy side he does seem to enjoy watching me.

Lagniappe, continues to be a brat! He'll flair his little heart out if I hold my finger in front of his tank. He's my kitchen counter betta and is always interested in what I'm doing. He also maintains a bubble nest.

I've named the new boy Hendrix, and he seems to be doing really good. Near as I can tell he's healthy and active. He eats well, is interested in what I may be doing when I'm by his tank, and this morning built a bubble nest. Unlike Lagniappe, he has not decided to bite the heck out of my finger yet, nor has he decided to flair.

I have a new API Master Kit, and some more IAL, coming tomorrow. I ordered plastic feeding tongs but they won't be here till the 23.
01-14-2020 09:12 PM
Rainbo Oops, I did it again. I accidentally, on purpose, not my fault he begged me, got another betta.

I was at the pet store yesterday and spotted him, but resisted bringing him home, see I have will power! Then today I went with a friend to the strip mall that the pet shop is in, well I went back to the pet shop to grab some dog food and the betta was still there. I fought the urge to get him but ended up talking myself into it. Poor Picasso isn't going to make it and I figure I'll have an empty 10 gal tank the new boy can live in. I'll wait at least 6 weeks before putting him in it, first to quarantine him, but second because I don't know what it is Picasso has and I want to give it a chance to die off if it's contagious.

Yeah, I know I need professional help for this addiction of mine.

Here's a couple of pictures of him. In good light, the 1.5 gal holding / hospital tank's light sucks, he almost looks like he has a lavender body and sky blue fins. Oh the dang cup he was in really is as small as it appears to be, it's slightly less then 1 cup of water.
01-14-2020 02:12 PM
Rainbo Please excuse me while I go visit crazy town, because that's where Corky is going to take me.

After all the worry that boy caused me yesterday, from the time I turned on his light till I went to bed last night, this morning he's up and about patrolling his tank like yesterday never happened! Don't get me wrong I was extremely happy to see him doing well, but I still can't figure out what happened.

Picasso on the other hand is still going downhill and this morning he ate less then he had been, but he did swim up to the top when I started to feed him.

I'm going to be researching proper feeding tweezers so that I can use them to feed my boys rather then using my fingers like I have been doing. Using feeding tweezers / tongs will take away the only way my tanks are becoming cross contaminated. Other then the way I've been feeding I have separate equipment for all my tanks.
01-13-2020 02:30 PM
Rainbo Yesterday was fast day, so aside from Picasso's tank I did not turn on the tank lights. This morning, when I turned on Corky's light, he did not swim over to eat. He was laying on the bottom of the tank between his sponge filter and drift wood. I managed to get him to eat a couple of blood worms, by holding them in front of him using my second pair of plant tweezers, but he swam away after that and showed no interest in eating more, since then he's been laying about on the bottom of the tank. I've no idea what is going on with him, or how to help him. I've checked the parameters and they are perfect with 0 ammonia, 0 nitirite, and around 5 or 10 nitrate. His water is 8 degrees. The tank is fully planted; Rosie the ramshorn, and Nelly the nerite are both acting fine. Just glanced over at Corky and he's out and swimming around, but then went back down to the bottom to hide... Fingers crossed that he's just having a bad day for whatever reason, but I'm concerned about him.

Picasso survived the night but his health continues to slowly decline.

Bruiser, although the tumor is sill slowly growing, is active and his appetite is good. Yes, he's not as active as he used to be before all of this, but overall he seems to be doing good.

RuPaul is doing well, but that bump at the base of his tail worries me. He patrols his whole tank, and likes exploring his plants.

Lagniappe has dethroned Bruiser as the reigning brat fish. He bit the heck out of me this morning when I went to feed him, and loves to flair at anything held up to his tank. He's my kitchen counter betta and enjoys swimming over to watch whatever I'm doing in the kitchen.
01-12-2020 10:06 PM
Rainbo Well Picasso is still with me, and I've no idea how or why.

He's very lethargic and has taken to wedging himself into tight spaces. One day I found him wedged between his vase cave and one of the rocks it perches on, today I found him under the vase. He had squeezed into the small space that is between it and the sand substrate. I'd not have thought he could fit into such a small space but he did.

His fins are now looking bad. I don't know if he's tearing them when he jams himself into the tight spaces, he has fin rot, or a combo of both. On top of it the protrusion is now around the circumference of a pea, the only "good" thing is it is flat.

He's incredibly thin. I now feed him small meals 2x a day, and feed him slow so that he hopefully does not spit the food up. I'm no longer feeding him the NLS or bug bites as he spit them up 9x out of 10. I feed him frozen blood worms and brine shrimp on a rotating basis. So far he's really interested in the food and will willingly eat, but he no longer comes to the top when I turn his light on in the morning before feeding him. I generally use my planting tweezers to dangle the food in front of wherever he is hiding.

Yesterday I started using Paraguard to at least help with his fins. Today was the second dose of it. He seems to be handling it well, but it's way to early to tell if it's helping at all.

For added fun last month I noticed a small lump at the base of RuPaul's tail, yesterday I noticed that it appears to be a little bigger. I've no idea if it's related to what's going on with Picasso or not. I see no signs of any lumps, well aside from Bruiser's rather impressive tumor, on my other 3 betta, 8 rasbora, or 8 cory cats.

Here's 2 pictures of Picasso.
01-09-2020 06:39 PM
pnwbetta We keep Bettas, like any companion, because they bring us something we need and we, hopefully, can offer them a better situation to live out their, albeit always too short, lives. And when we go out in to the world having refilled our empty internal 'tanks' with good finnage, or furry, (or even feathered) companions and can give more and be more when and where it's needed.

In spite of the utter destruction the loss of any animal can cause, I am a better, kinder person because of my time with them. And I'm sure you know that feeling too.
01-09-2020 06:22 PM
Rainbo Some days I wonder why I keep betta, today is one of them. Picasso appears to be on his last fins. The past two days hasn't been good ones for him. He's gotten extremely lethargic, and today wasn't all that interested in eating. I'm testing his water on the off chance that that is the problem, but so am down too two vials, yep I managed to break 2 of them, so I have to wait to do the Nitrate test. The ammonia and nitrite are at 0 unless they changed in the 4 min that has passed since I've been waiting for the test to develop. I'm guessing that whatever caused that protrusion on him is finally catching up.

Bruiser isn't getting any better either, the tumor continues to grow but so far my boy is holding his own. He's slowing down but is still active and loves his food.

I then look at my 2 that I managed to save, Lagniappe and Corky. Both are doing great, although Corky is on the lazy side and loves to lay on his heater. They have done amazing since I got them and nursed them back to health. Lagniappe is a real character and will bit the heck out of my finger when I try and feed him, and then when it isn't feeding time he is such a curious boy and loves to watch me in the kitchen. He will also flair and try to scare me away if I hold my finger up to his tank.

RuPaul, my boy that I got from a breeder, is also doing well. He rules his 20 gallon tank. When I did his water change, a couple days ago, I was pouring the water into his floating betta log and he insisted on hanging around and getting in the way. He finally managed to ride the current into the log and I had to stop using it to break up the stream of water. Little brat LOL.

I guess when we keep betta we have to accept our losses, and remember the good we do when we can give them a great life. I just wish they'd start breeding for health, along with color and fin type..
11-22-2019 04:18 PM
Rainbo I just realized I never posted a picture of RuPaul from when I first got him in Sept. Here's one, it's amazing how much he changed. I really thought his head would have turned red as he aged but nope LOL.
11-22-2019 04:14 PM
Rainbo I haven't updated in awhile, I think I've been a bit sad about 2 of my boys and haven't felt like updating with bad news.

First the good...

Lagniappe is doing well, he's so feisty and defensive about his tank. If I put anything near his tank after I feed him he'll dash our from under his floating IAL in full flair to chase off the intruder. He does not seem to have any idea just how small he is LOL. He's also been known to bite and latch onto my finger when when I feed him, it's probably a good thing he's so small or I'd have no skin left on my finger.

Corky continues to do well, with no sign of a return of the SBD. He's a sweet boy but much more laid back then Lagniappe. I'm trying to decide if I can justify upgrading him from a 2.5 to a 3 gal tank. The tank I want is on the expensive side and I'm not sure I can justify the cost. I did rescape his tank, he now has all live plants and a I added more sand to the bottom of his tank. I also got a Finnex clip on light for his tank. Next up a better heater... or a new tank.

RuPaul did not keep his lipstick! His pale head has completely turned black, I thought he'd change a bit but never thought that it'd be quite as much as he did. He rules his 20 gal tank and is very active. His latest hobby is glass surfing the left side wall of his tank for reasons known only to him. Maybe he sees his reflection? The rasbora that I put in with him and the cory cats have done very well, and after a little chasing RuPaul has decided to leave them alone. I decided to pull the castle out of that tank since it seemed to be a place that harbored the staghorn / black beard algae that I've been battling. The fish seem to enjoy the extra space with the castle gone, but they or the snails managed to get rid of the plants that I put in the vacated space. I just cannot figure out where the plants went. Lady Poops a Lot, the Zebra Nerite continues to do well and lives up to her name.

The Bad

Around a month ago, Picasso developed some type of protrusion on his body where the caudal and anal fins meet. I cannot figure out what it could be, and I have no idea what to do to treat it. I suspect it's either a cyst or some type of tumor but I just don't know. He's still active and wants to eat but he seems to be getting more lethargic this past week. He's always been quiet and laid back, but not this much.

Bruiser, my crazy, silly Bruiser who stole my heart by fighting his filter on more then one occasion, has developed a tumor on his body. I noticed it around a month and a half ago and it's been slowly growing ever since. It's now large enough that it's causing a lump on the right side :'-( He's not nearly as active as he used to be but is still really eager for his food. He still builds his bubble nest but they are not as large and fluffy as they used to be. I ended up taking the dang driftwood out of his tank all it was doing was causing an ungodly amount of mulm to form on the bottom of the tank and it was impossible to keep up with it. Other then that I'm trying to not do much in his tank since the last thing I want to do is stress him.

Here's some pictures of the boys and their tanks.

The first and second is the 20 gal tank and RuPaul. Please excuse the less then good quality of RuPaul's picture he would not hold still!

Third and Fourth is the 10 gal and Lagniappe.

Fifth and sixth is the 5 gal and Bruiser.

7th and 8th is the 3 gal and Lagniappe

9th and 10th is the 2.5 gal and Corky. Corky's picture is a bit older and taken before I redid the tank.
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