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11-22-2019 04:18 PM
Rainbo I just realized I never posted a picture of RuPaul from when I first got him in Sept. Here's one, it's amazing how much he changed. I really thought his head would have turned red as he aged but nope LOL.
11-22-2019 04:14 PM
Rainbo I haven't updated in awhile, I think I've been a bit sad about 2 of my boys and haven't felt like updating with bad news.

First the good...

Lagniappe is doing well, he's so feisty and defensive about his tank. If I put anything near his tank after I feed him he'll dash our from under his floating IAL in full flair to chase off the intruder. He does not seem to have any idea just how small he is LOL. He's also been known to bite and latch onto my finger when when I feed him, it's probably a good thing he's so small or I'd have no skin left on my finger.

Corky continues to do well, with no sign of a return of the SBD. He's a sweet boy but much more laid back then Lagniappe. I'm trying to decide if I can justify upgrading him from a 2.5 to a 3 gal tank. The tank I want is on the expensive side and I'm not sure I can justify the cost. I did rescape his tank, he now has all live plants and a I added more sand to the bottom of his tank. I also got a Finnex clip on light for his tank. Next up a better heater... or a new tank.

RuPaul did not keep his lipstick! His pale head has completely turned black, I thought he'd change a bit but never thought that it'd be quite as much as he did. He rules his 20 gal tank and is very active. His latest hobby is glass surfing the left side wall of his tank for reasons known only to him. Maybe he sees his reflection? The rasbora that I put in with him and the cory cats have done very well, and after a little chasing RuPaul has decided to leave them alone. I decided to pull the castle out of that tank since it seemed to be a place that harbored the staghorn / black beard algae that I've been battling. The fish seem to enjoy the extra space with the castle gone, but they or the snails managed to get rid of the plants that I put in the vacated space. I just cannot figure out where the plants went. Lady Poops a Lot, the Zebra Nerite continues to do well and lives up to her name.

The Bad

Around a month ago, Picasso developed some type of protrusion on his body where the caudal and anal fins meet. I cannot figure out what it could be, and I have no idea what to do to treat it. I suspect it's either a cyst or some type of tumor but I just don't know. He's still active and wants to eat but he seems to be getting more lethargic this past week. He's always been quiet and laid back, but not this much.

Bruiser, my crazy, silly Bruiser who stole my heart by fighting his filter on more then one occasion, has developed a tumor on his body. I noticed it around a month and a half ago and it's been slowly growing ever since. It's now large enough that it's causing a lump on the right side :'-( He's not nearly as active as he used to be but is still really eager for his food. He still builds his bubble nest but they are not as large and fluffy as they used to be. I ended up taking the dang driftwood out of his tank all it was doing was causing an ungodly amount of mulm to form on the bottom of the tank and it was impossible to keep up with it. Other then that I'm trying to not do much in his tank since the last thing I want to do is stress him.

Here's some pictures of the boys and their tanks.

The first and second is the 20 gal tank and RuPaul. Please excuse the less then good quality of RuPaul's picture he would not hold still!

Third and Fourth is the 10 gal and Lagniappe.

Fifth and sixth is the 5 gal and Bruiser.

7th and 8th is the 3 gal and Lagniappe

9th and 10th is the 2.5 gal and Corky. Corky's picture is a bit older and taken before I redid the tank.
10-12-2019 09:17 PM
Rainbo Well since I last posted it hasn't been all roses. I lost Cinnabar at the end of Sept. to bloat, nothing I tried reduced the bloat and my poor boy eventually succumbed to it. Around a week later I noticed that Bruiser, my favorite out of all my boys has developed a rather large lump on one side of his body. I know it's either a cyst or tumor, but which it is I have no idea, I do know there's nothing I can do to help him but keep him as comfortable as possible. He used to maintain a rather large bubble nest but now he only halfheartedly does so, he's also not nearly as active as he used to be.

On to happier news! Corky has fully recovered from his SBD and for the past couple months been swimming around fine. When I first got him he'd hide from me but now swims to the side of the tank to see me. He eats really well, and is doing great!

Last Sunday, Lagniappe developed a mild case of fin rot after I forgot to plug in his heater after a water change. I plugged back in the heater, added some StressGuard, and Indian Almond leaf, to the tank and crossed my fingers. Within a day he was acting better, and a couple days after that his fin looked completely better. He's also back to his feisty self and has decided to build a nest under the IAL and defend that nest from my finger if I put it near it LOL.

Picasso is doing good, and is as sweet as ever. He has not really changed color since he turned black, and is holding true to what marble betta tend to do.

I got a new betta after Cinnabar passed. This time I decided to go with a breeder and have one shipped to me since I want one that has the best start possible. His name is RuPaul and he's a plakat. I'm not sure how to describe his color. When I got him he had a pale face and red lips, hence the name RuPaul. His body is a copper color, but his caudal has white in it, his anal fins look like they were brushed with red, and he now has a red patch on his head, and what looks like a white saddle. He was only around 3 or 4 months old when I got him and I'm having fun watching him grow and change.

After months of looking at PetSmart and never seeing them, I finally found Harlequin Rasboras there! So guess what came home with me tonight? Yep 8 of them. Hopefully they all do well and enjoy the heavily planted tank they will be going into.

I'll post pictures later.
06-27-2019 07:34 PM
Rainbo I'll start with Corky, so far no change except that at least now I can get him to eat a bit more it just takes a ton of patients and a willingness to have him miss a bunch of the food. No harm done though, he gets daily water changes and the bottom of the tank gets vacuumed during them. So far I've tried Prazipro without any results, and the past two days I've tried Epsom Salt baths again no results. I'm currently giving him a 1 week break from treatment and will try an antibiotic next. If that does not work then I'm just going to leave him live in peace. The cup said he was a halfmoon, I recently got a really good look at the caudal and he's a double tail. His body shape now makes sense and so does the SBD. With that body shape the SBD may well be a congenital defect and permanent.

Ohh I see I did not mention that I nuked all the anacharis in Bruiser's 5 gal tank! Yep, yep, yep, nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool! I decided to use hydrogen peroxide to kill off the green algae infesting the glass in that tank. As soon as I put in the H2O2 I remembered that anacharis hates it..... So the anacharis died and the algae survived, yay me. I ordered more plants for the tank a few more anubia, more anacharis, and some octopus plants, along with some drift wood. It didn't come out too bad, but I need to add more sand to the tank. The driftwood was larger then I thought it would be and I had to uproot some of the crypts in the tank which left the roots of some of the others exposed. I am NOT looking forward to washing the new sand (it came in today) nope not at all.

Bruiser looks much the same, no improvement on the grey spot on his anal fin, but he's very active, and does not seem sick. I'm not sure if the UV sterilizer is helping at all.

Cinnabar puzzles me. He does not seem to want to eat as much, weight wise this is not a bad thing, but still patrols his tank and such. I'm not sure if I should be worried about his not wanting as much food or not.

Picasso, my original double tail, has decided not to marble any more and is staying a black.

Lagniappe still rules his 3 gal kingdom and seems very happy to be back on the counter where he can see everything that goes on in there.

Some pictures of the crew. Corky is the blue boy laying sideways. Bruiser is the blue veiltail, Lagniappe is the yellow boy, Picasso is the black one, and Cinnabar is the reddish boy.
06-15-2019 03:34 PM
Rainbo Update on Corky. It's been a week since I rescued him and so far I have not seen much improvement. He is extremely skittish, he'll dart away if I try to finger feed him or if I move to much while watching him. I feed him by dropping the food on his betta hammock it's not a perfect system but at least he eats a bit before sweeping the food to the bottom of the tank. Once on the bottom the food usually remains uneaten. He still has lots of difficulty swimming, but does seem to be able to maintain an upright position a bit easier. Today I cupped him and rinsed his hospital tank out, rinsed off the artificial plant, anacharis, heater, and betta hammock, and gave him 75% new water (I saved 25% of the old water), added PraziPro to the tank, and put him back in. He was not happy being cupped, nope not at all.

I'm wondering if a parasite is the reason for the continued SBD, which is the reason for the PraziPro. A week of clean, warm, water (he gets daily 50% water changes) did not work, so I figure I'll start trying other cures, one by one.

Below is a picture of him, his color depends on what the lighting is.
06-11-2019 03:39 PM
Rainbo Well today's day 3 and Corky, the new boy with SBD is still with me. He seems a little bit better today and while he still struggles to swim he seems to be able to maintain an upright position a little better. He's very skittish and hasn't yet learned that my finger delivers food, and not the touch of death, yet each day he seems a little less scared. The poor thing is very hard to feed if the food does not fall directly in front of his mouth he will not go after it, any food on the bottom of the tank will remain uneaten. I'm hoping that he'll learn that he can easily get food that falls on the betta hammock and eat from there. I remain unsure if the SBD is permanent or temporary.

I'm fixing to tick Lagniappe off. It's time to move his tank back to my counter and last time I moved him he was very, very, upset to be placed in the cup. Good news is that he seems to like his tank on the counter rather then where I have it now. Where it is now he doesn't get to see nearly as much as he did when he was on the counter.
06-08-2019 08:09 PM
Rainbo So far so good with all my boys. Cinnabar remains fat and sassy. Bruiser is doing well, no real change with him since adding the UV sterilizer but I remain hopeful that it'l help. He patrols his tank, picks fights with his filter, and works on his bubble nest. Picasso is still going through his black phase, he went from a lovely white and cellophane betta, to a black one with rust red on his fins. Lagniappe is doing well. I temp moved his tank and he was highly upset about being cupped. After I moved him I tried feeding him around an hour later, the brat would flare at my finger before eating the food LOL.

I went and did a thing today. I went to PetSense, home of the worlds sickest betta.... I spotted a dead betta in one of the cups, the poor thing was laying flat on it's side floating at the top of the cup, so I reached towards the cup. The betta then started swimming around spastic. Seems someone has SBD. I asked the employee if I could get a discount on him. Nope, not happening. She said they'd take him to the back where it's warmer and see if fasting him would fix the problem. In other words they weren't going to do anything but wait and see if he'd die. He came home with me. We'll see if a low water level, warm water, no stress, and lots of plants will help him. Fingers crossed, he'll be a stunning betta if he pulls through.

Here's a picture of him in the hospital tank. It's my 2.5 gal with only 1 gal of water in it. His anal fin is grey due to the light and camera angle. He has a lot of iridescence to him.
05-28-2019 03:21 PM
Rainbo Well the UV sterilizer got here yesterday, and is installed. Hopefully if it's pathogens in the water column that are causing the grey patches on Bruiser's fins it'll kill them off. Then maybe Bruiser's immune system will have a chance to kill off the ones that are in him since he won't be constantly reinfected. At least that's what the guy in the TFH article thinks happened with his tank. I guess time will tell if it works.

I know that technically I should probably put him down because there's a high chance that it's Mycos, but I cannot even get myself to rationally consider it. He's so active and other then the grey patch seems perfectly healthy.

The first picture is Mercury 2 months after the grey patch first appeared on him. The second one is Bruiser and was taken yesterday, the grey patch appeared around a month ago. The similarity is why I'm so worried that whatever took Mercury from me is infecting Bruiser....
05-28-2019 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by blubird101 View Post
Darn, I'm curious, what food to you use for the corys? Maybe its the same as mine and maybe its just super yummy to them haha.

I'm not sure how skittish your corys are, but for me, it helps to feed the betta at the same time on one side of the tank (especially if its something like dropping in a bunch of bloodworms) and then feeding the corys at the same time on the other side. Might help distract the betta haha.

Besides that, if its really an issue, you could either fashion a divider you can put in before feeding them and take out in the morning after, or you could try to net your betta during feeding or put him in a floating hospital tank or something in the main tank. *shrug* that might stress out the betta unnecessarily though.
LOL I tried the feed on the other side of the tank trick. The problem is that the brat has learned that when the cory cats congregate and start searching for food he should search for it to! He's a pig I tell ya I'd feed him, he'd finish his food, then go down to where the cory cats were and start getting their food. The cory cats don't mind him too much, they stay back a bit from him but don't swim off. I've never seen Cinnabar bother them.

I feed the Cories the same thing I feed Cinnabar. They get Fluval bug bites, frozen bloodworms, and frozen brine shrimp. I rotate between the food
05-28-2019 01:53 PM
blubird101 Darn, I'm curious, what food to you use for the corys? Maybe its the same as mine and maybe its just super yummy to them haha.

I'm not sure how skittish your corys are, but for me, it helps to feed the betta at the same time on one side of the tank (especially if its something like dropping in a bunch of bloodworms) and then feeding the corys at the same time on the other side. Might help distract the betta haha.

Besides that, if its really an issue, you could either fashion a divider you can put in before feeding them and take out in the morning after, or you could try to net your betta during feeding or put him in a floating hospital tank or something in the main tank. *shrug* that might stress out the betta unnecessarily though.
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