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09-19-2019 10:10 AM
WinterSoldier. Fantastic bettas
09-16-2019 11:14 PM
Caelth You're too true!

I finally light trained Scy so now everyone's on board with the eating schedule. It took him a while to figure out what the pellets were and where they were coming from but now he guards the little hole on top of the tank whenever I come into the room.

Salem unfortunately lost his favorite plant during cleaning. Despite the anubis (i believe) exploding, the other plant did not fair as well and had to be pulled due to the rapid deterioration. I realize it was due to me lacking something in the water but I don't care play with my parameters after getting a solid cycle going.

I only have trios of my shoaling fish. I'm a bit concerned about their stress levels but all have rounded tummies and zip around in shoals together. They also are quite healthy and I've had bad experiences trying to introduce a new group of them into a tank (e.g all the new fish die even after a month of quarantine). Perhaps over winter break I'll try to introduce some more rasboras and cories but for now I think the tank's at a good equilibrium without being too full on each level.
09-13-2019 10:25 PM
peppersmom I can totally see why you couldn't leave without him, he is gorgeous!

I guess what they say about bettas is true. . . they are like potato chips, you can never just have one. :P
09-10-2019 09:49 PM
Caelth It was traumatizing.

I actually have a pothos I've thought about rooting in my tank. I may do it if I can't get my hands on any good plants.


I got another betta. His name is Scythe, Scy for short. I was going to name him Toast but it doesn't really match my naming theme. Also, Toast doesn't really fit my new boy. I believe he's a delta tail but I could be wrong. He's currently in a 5 gallon on my desk with silk plants. The LPS didn't have any of the species/healthy plants that I wanted to take home with me. He's finally figuring out how to eat the pellets on top of the water. He's a bit small compared to my other bettas but I think I'm just being tricked by the tail length. He's pretty active and was zipping around the cup when I picked him up.

TBH I didn't plan on getting another betta so soon. I was looking at plants and helping my friend upgrade their betta tank when I saw him. I ended up carrying him around to help us scale the tank (my friend was looking at a half gallon still so I was trying to show them the size comparison. ) He was very helpful and spazzed when I put him down so obviously he had to come home with me. Thankfully, I had the space and an extra filter that was cycling in the 10 gallon.

Pictures below!
09-09-2019 03:56 PM
Phish Head That's so funny I'm the same way about collecting plants the latest thing is rooting Pothos to put in a tank. Grows very easily even in water 🙂 Sorry to hear about your guppies that would've freaked me out.
09-08-2019 04:03 PM
Caelth I moved for school but not that far. I don't have a car so I'm at the mercy of my parents visiting me to go home at the moment :p. I'm at ISU and big oof. My brother calls me a nerd all the time.

But yea! Me too. Also, I know some of them. When I was younger I accidentally overfed my guppies and all their stomaches exploded. I was traumatized to say the least.

Yes, it's definitely a gang. I'm a bit of a nester so I have close to 30 plants in my room at the moment with more on the way due to a horticulture course I'm enrolled in for an elective. What's one more tank? I don't need space, I just need more life in my apartment.
09-08-2019 02:16 PM
Phish Head I thought you lived in NYC? Seems like you moved tho and sorry you lost some fish. But glad everyone else is good. Word of warning about potential over feeding in some bettas it can lead to negative consequences which I'll post about when I'm ready.

You sure have quite a gang for a dorm situation that's awesome. What school are you in? I was headed to Cornell for the same program you're in when I lost my father unexpectedly and had to go to work instead. I eventually went to Columbia on a scholarship for Biology/Life Sciences. My big brother said I reminded him of one of those nerds with a propeller on her head running around with a butterfly net 🤪
09-08-2019 01:46 PM
Caelth Sorry Phish, I'm afraid I'm in the midwest instead.


Ya girl and her fishy fam has moved into our new apartment. Both bettas are doing well and the temperatures are a heck of a lot more stable this year since I'm not having to share a room.

Fawkes still loves to play and build his nest. Since moving onto my desk, his nest has moved from the far side of the tank to the corner by my laptop. It's almost as if he says, "MOM LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. DO U LIKE? I CAN MAKE IT BIGGER." And bigger he has made it. A note to any one with a desk buddy like myself, put stickers on your laptop. Fawkes and Salem love to flare/charge at different stickers while I work.

The mini community tank is flourishing once again. There's been a bloom of green algae but it's slowly disappearing with each water change. Tje swords have gotten huge since moving. Perhaps they like my college water better than the stuff back home. Unfortunately, I lost a cory and rasbora following the trip but the Three Bros (Corys) and Three Amigos (Rasboras) are still plump and active. Salem has been thieving food. I've taken to stealthily feeding the trios before I turn on the lamp so he doesn't wake up. I'm concerned since his stomach is quite rounded so he's on day two of a short fast. Thankfully, he released a large poo at some point in the night and is much less circular.

My new desk has two cubbies rather than one, making it PERFECT for yet ANOTHER 5+ gallon tank to slide right in. I've been considering getting another betta for a while. My complex does not allow pets (fish are ok, obvi) so they're the next best thing. Besides, they're a lot less maintenance than the cat I would have would be anyways. I do have two tanks at home -one to be divided into 2 10 gallons and a 2.5 for holiday. The 2.5 isn't ideal but at most I'd fit a 7 gallon on my desk next to Fawkes.

I've also been working on getting my friend to upgrade their travel container for a legitimate tank for their betta. While physically, he appears healthy, the poor baby glass surfaces or hides under the one suction leaf that's decorating his container. While I doubt I can convinence them to go over a 2 gallon, anything at this point would be better as long as a heater fits in it. The apartments get quite cold during the summer with the heat on, I can't imagine the winter.

Regardless, new tank/fish picks coming soon? I have some media I cycle on the side for a hospital tank. Which isn't exactly helpful when my brain says "No more fish" but my heart says "One more life saved from death by 5 year old."

What else does one expect from a student in pre-veterinary med?
08-04-2019 12:31 AM
Phish Head I just saw your post about the ginormous bubble nest. Isn't it funny how such a little fish contructs such a large nest? Maybe he's planning on a big family 😉

My fish recently blew the largest bubble nest to date (he's an eternal optimist).

Since he put so much energy into it, I felt a twinge badly about "wrecking it" with a water change. Fishy wasn't fazed and put all the scattered bubbles back where they belonged, and even added a wing of new construction to the original nest, LOL funny Phish 🙂
08-04-2019 12:00 AM
Phish Head Belatedly.....I think having a shoal of Corys would be fabulous and I'm going to start researching them. For whatever reason I thought it would create a big bioload footprint.

I think my fish Maki would be cool with them, even tho he pestered an Apple snail like a yappy little dog so I rehomed the snail. I understand how the end of the snail's wiggly antenna would be so enticing, what I don't understand is when the fish went after it he sucked the whole antenna in like a long piece of spaghetti. Initially it looked like he bit it off! So where in his body did he fit such a long antenna?! It's kind of an xfile

Say I have a favor to ask and maybe this should be a new post but there's no forum for "fish care services. I believe you're in NYC. correct?

Here's the deal - today we decided to get out of Dodge for at least a week beginning on Wednesday the 7th. However due to my itchy feet we might end up in Canada for another few days.

I haven't figured out what to do about water changes. My neighbor can feed the fish, but she's elderly and I'm not putting WC on her.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to pay you to stop by for a couple of water changes. I'd be most appreciative because I perused CL adds under pet services and only one add mentioned fish care. We're across the street from Morningside Park if that makes a difference.

DM me if it's workable.

I suppose I could make a post directed to NYC members. Not sure what other ppl do re: fish care if they plan to be away for a couple weeks.
Our fishy is sensitive to his environment so I don't want to worry about him bugging out if his water isn't pristine He'll protest in scary ways.
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