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08-04-2019 10:23 PM
grre I appreciate your comments, and look forward to that discussion!

Howard is still doing well-had an explosion of pond/bladder snails this week (Promethusus and Tiny have been busy breeding i suppose, or self-breeding? I can't remember if pond snails could self-breed). Went to the Big Al's near me today and got a little bunch plant on clearance, can't have too many plants right? Looked at the Bettas as always, they all looked pretty raggedy and in fact, one had been lying dead for so long it was covered in like a white cloud, absolutely disgusting. When I told the store clerk she just shrugged and took him away-there were also other types of dead fish in the various tanks...don't think I will be going back to that Big Al's anytime soon.

Now thinking about getting an axolotl when I move to Europe, but regardless I will have a Betta always-in my head I'm planning the tank. I'm thinking low-tech, minimalist set up at first, then up the ante for the axolotl tank. Difficult to find much about them...also Betta are just so interactive...while axolotl's seem, well, not as much. Also made some long term goals for this hobby-I'll stick to freshwater for awhile, I love the greenery of freshwater plants ect. but eventually I would like to own an octopus. I will still always have a Betta though. Can't wait until I get my new one!
07-31-2019 08:53 PM
Phish Head Hi I don't have time to read all this right now but I will. What a GREAT topic!

I've really wanted to start a blog about the same thing LoL. I named it The Unbearable Lightness of Betta.

There are quotes from the book that would work really well....go on existential riffs alla Tom Robbins. My fishy Maki has become quite the philosopher.... pondering the meaning of love, life and other fishy stuff.. That is when he's not being dopey which is most of the time 😂

Your fish names made me go LoL tho I'm sorry you lost some. 😕

I'll catch up with this thread by the weekend 🙂
07-30-2019 08:54 PM
grre I don't have a betta *currently* but I thought I'd share some positive news nonetheless. I am very fortunate that Howard (the guppie) has been doing great, super active, regaining colours, eating well (bought him some tropical fish flakes finally) and when I placed the most recent bunch of hornwort (my old hornwort fell apart/melted the moment I put it into the same bowl as the amazon sword (I read somewhere that amazon swords can be aggressive plants, emitting some kind of toxin that in a small 2.5 gal for ex. could prevent the growth of other species of plants)) I found two pond/bladder? snails in the bowl! They are about a 1-2 CM's long, so pretty small, but I am wondering if they will grow? They move fast too-I come into my room and find them on a plant leaf, and then come out of my closet and can't see them-so much for the myth that snails move slow! They know how to hustle it turns out. I assume they eat the leftover fish flakes?

I will be setting up a freshwater betta tank in the fall-I realized that as a student, I will certainly always need some company at my desk. Being out of school and working 9-5 has made it difficult to enjoy Howard as much as I would want to. I'm worried he may find it difficult to acclimate when placed in a community tank after being alone so long. Howard has also made me realize some of the fine tuned differences between guppies and bettas (my only previous experience in fish being bettas)-they are very different in temperament and attitude, with guppies I feel, more difficult to read. But Howard can follow my finger. No flies on him.
Also-reading back through this short journal of sadness over Ari's health problems and eventual decline, l thought I would share some good news. I just found out I won an award at my university for my paper on fish, which was pretty cool, even more so I get a nice monetary prize which I'm planning on putting towards a brand new freshwater set up once I settle into the UK, and hopefully give a good home to fish in need...I really appreciate all the help and positively this community has given though.
07-11-2019 05:35 PM
RussellTheShihTzu So sorry. You did your best.
07-11-2019 12:19 PM
grre Ari unfortunately has died, thank you to everyone and their suggestions though-I wish she could have pulled through but I am glad she is no longer suffering.
07-09-2019 10:21 PM
grre Next time I知 at the speciality fish store I値l look at frozen.
Ari is still holding on. Shes returned with the darker in color with no more stripes. I want to say thats a good sign but seeing as she hasnt eaten and just been floating/lying on her side, I知 not sure. I知 not giving up though.

Howie is good. Though a bit dumb, it stressing me out feeding him now as I知 always worried he doesnt eat enough of his food bc he cant see/find it, but he eats his flakes eventually haha!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
07-08-2019 08:43 PM
RussellTheShihTzu I am so glad Howie is doing well. And, yes, male Guppies can live with either male or female Betta. It is a much touted myth that male Betta will see them as another Betta and attack. I've had them together for years and the ones that didn't get along with male Guppies also didn't get along with anything else.

In the 10, you could have 3-5 male Guppies in addition to a Betta. It could also have some dwarf Cory for the bottom or a Mystery Snail. They are so pretty with their various colors.


Have you tried frozen for Ari? I feed any ailing fish frozen or live.

Babies are so fragile. I asked two friends who breed Betta for their thoughts. It is not unusual in baby Betta to weaken and not recover. Both also mentioned that freeze dried is not good for them as a steady diet; not enough nutrients. They require live and frozen to do their best. One friend, who no longer breeds, believes two things are why PetCo and PetSmart babies have such a high mortality rate: Improper nutrition and not enough water changes.

Best of luck with Ari; I know what it is like to watch them weaken. But another Moderator, Veloran, says: "As long as the fish is fighting then so will I." That's my theory, too. Then I know I did my best for them.
07-08-2019 07:58 PM
grre When I originally bought them the package said freeze dried bloodworms are excellent for "conditioning"-which seeing as Ari is just a baby I figured it would be good "conditioning" food for her to grow. That being said, I'm starting to reconsider if it really is the bloodworms that caused all these problems, as I've still been feeding them to her + flakes (not that she really ate yesterday) and the bloating is gone. Now she is so small and depleted looking. Found her lying (on her side) today which scared me, breathing heavily-water parameters all seemed normal but I put her in a new QT because I was worried she couldn't make it to the top of the tank (she can barely swim, doesn't seem to have the energy/float power) so am keeping her in about four inches of water so she can breath...I'm worried this is the beginning of the end. Could it have been possible the bloating was the result of some egg problem which has now sickened her? She will be watched all night, not sure if she will eat though, I wish I could take her to work with me tomorrow to keep a better eye on her. I really want her to make it-unlike with my other bettas; Karl and Rousseau, I knew how to care for her properly from the start, and put a lot of thought and research into it; she is such a sweet girl, she doesn't deserve to suffer like this.

Howie cheers me up though, he is just the cutest thing...if Ari does survive, can a male guppie and female betta survive together in a planted 10g (the one I have saved for the fall)? Not that I was seriously considering it, especially with Ari so sickly, just something to think about. I know the 2g is too small for another guppie, even if I was considering giving Howie a friend (and I'm not)-he really is doing super.
07-08-2019 05:31 PM
RussellTheShihTzu Glad things seem to be doing better for you. Finger's crossed Ari makes it. Was pleased to see your post in D&E. Perhaps if you can get her to eat frozen food of some sort or soak the freeze dried in a vitamin like SeaChem Vitality it will help.

Was researching another thread and went to the Tetra site. They say freeze dried Bloodworms should be fed only as a supplement to a main diet. I had no idea.

When I have time I am going back to see if that's what they say about all of their freeze dried products.
07-08-2019 01:02 AM
grre Havent posted much but felt I should update if anyone cares to read this!

Ari痴 bloat has gone but now she is kind of lifeless and still looks very sickly (clamped fins no color lethargy). I am attempting radical tank upkeep to fight it and even gave her back some hornwort today (no chance she could get tangled in it and drown right? she is very small still but shes a betta, they love/know plants?) I miss her liveliness and energy, always so fiesty and happy to come see me when I came in. I also read a disheartening thread on this forum about the 澱aby betta fish u buy from ur pet store usually dont survive to adulthood because of how delicate the needs are compared to adult fish ect. ect. i just dont know /:

Howard Roark is doing great though!! Hes a very goofy looking boy so I致e taken to referring to him as Howie. Im happy to see his scales look to be healthier (when I first got him his scales looked almost transparent). He eats the bloodworms very well, and is becoming less afraid and skittish. Just today he started swimming towards my hand when I was feeding him!! Its been a week but I知 really pleased, I was sure he being a guppy and living all alone he wouldnt survive, but he has and he seems content. Even swims over to see me. Although for some reason all the hornwort I put in his tank has died, even though I had kept healthy for 2 months...could it have been him eating it? Or I guess I could have over fertilized...very likely as the bottle doesnt have a reliable measuring tool outside of the cap and 1 cap = enough fertilizer for 20g ect. Regardless bought a whole new bunch today and split it, putting a small section in Ari痴 tank, and the rest in Howie痴 (heavily planted) so we値l soon find out who the real culprit is.

? I also bought him a very cool toy I had been meaning to pick of those colored hamster tunnel pieces. I read online of some girl making a really cool betta tunnel from some for her tank and i thought that was a really unique and cost effective way (only cost me 2$) to provide a little hide, vs. some sharp looking house or castle ect. Im not sure if Howie will swim through it though, I figure bettas are more that type of fish but we値l see! Here are lots of pictures of Howie (more clear than the last, though make no mistake, hes still a fast bugger) and last is the hamster tunnel I bought-I hope it stimulates his mind a bit too.
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