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12-08-2019 06:49 PM
RussellTheShihTzu It is not recommended to keep two labyrinth species together. They occupy the same space and will often fight the same as two Betta. Some say theirs are fine but I'm not one to take chances with a fish's life.

I had a six Honey Gourami in my community tank w/o a Betta and loved watching them. They are so danged cute!
12-08-2019 07:36 AM
Noob fish guy New update, im putting a betta in my guppy tank. (but im removing guppy's so itll be a betta tank then ) but i have 1honey gourami youngster in there. better to remove him to or will they be allright toghether? My honey is a peacefull little guy, hes the size of a endler guppy male. so 1-1,5cm. he never tried to eat the guppy Fry or even the shrimplets. its a halfmoon betta. so maybe not take the risk?
10-22-2019 02:59 AM
RussellTheShihTzu Believe it or not, my shrimp bred quite successfully in with my Betta. However, tank was heavily planted. But, I forgot you needed the Guppy fry. Betta might make a dent in the population.
10-22-2019 01:50 AM
Noob fish guy Wont the betta eat my guppy Fry? And shrimp? Ill clear it out before putting a betta in 😉
10-21-2019 09:36 PM
RussellTheShihTzu You can have the Betta in with the Guppies. Is it planted? If not, you experiment in the 10 gallon.
10-21-2019 03:25 PM
Noob fish guy Thx for your answer. I got a 10 gallon where i breed guppy's for an axolotl. But ill just put them in an other tank 😉
So that my girl can have a betta.
Thx for the help.
10-20-2019 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by Noob fish guy View Post
Thx for your help.
But for the plant part its gonna stay only grass 😉 im gonna try a iwagumi style tank. So very open.. but i tought the grass in the back would be cover enough for bettas. If i get it thick enough ofcourse.
Betta are predators and even if docile the others in the tank recognize them as such. Your current plan does not allow for their protection or sense of security. While eye-appealing, Iwagumi-style tanks are aquascaped for us; not for the fish.

If you have the interests of all of those in the tank you will have a separate tank for either a male or female Betta with a variety of broad- and narrow-leaved plants. However, do not house both male and female in the same tank. As OD59 noted, even in a 55 there's a good chance that eventually one will severely damage or kill the other. Even after breeding, the female is removed for just that reason.

Best of luck. The tank sounds lovely
10-20-2019 02:00 PM
Noob fish guy Thx for your help.
But for the plant part its gonna stay only grass 😉 im gonna try a iwagumi style tank. So very open.. but i tought the grass in the back would be cover enough for bettas. If i get it thick enough ofcourse.
10-20-2019 01:49 PM
Old Dog 59 There are some things that can be done and some that can't. First a 55 gallon tank is a great space. Your choice in plants is good but still you have no cover for any of the fish you want to add. Some broad leaf plants like Anubias Nana, different types of swords and Ferns would make better cover and give overhead protection for the fish. ( overhead cover would cause less stress for them). If you are planning on having a betta in the mix you need to rethink having a pair together. If they are not breeding the male will kill the female. It is not recommended to have a pair in the same tank even as large as a 55 gallon. Also some of fish choices as tank mates for a betta are not types that will get along. there will be aggression and it may be the betta gets the worst of the attacks. There are some Tetra unless kept in a shoal will be very aggressive and be fin nippers. The Cory and even the Oto's with the right amount of each in a shoal or school will be very peaceful I'm not really sure about the Runny nose tetra. I've never kept them with a betta before. They do well in a community tank with other Tetra and barbs but that is due to them being able to fend for themselves in a tank.

Remember Betta are predators and for some fish protecting their territory would have a very drastic reaction to having a betta in the tank.

There may be others on here that have had luck with this type of stocking so I'll let them help here also.
I would recommend doing exactly what you have planned but if your Girlfriend wants a betta I would get another separate tank say a 5.5 gallon heavily planted for him or her . This would be my recommendation.
10-20-2019 12:25 PM
Noob fish guy
Can a betta fit in my tank?

I currently am the proud owner of a empty 55gallon tank. I plan on planting only grass (eleocharis parvula and a eleocharis variety that grows 8 inch tall for the back) i was also planning to put about 20 corydora habrosus in and 20 rummy nose tetras and maybe some otocinclus affinis . And then my girl comes around saying she wants a betta.

So could i put a betta couple (1male 1female) in there or will they attack everything?
Do they need more plants?
There will be a current in there from my crystalprofi e1502 canister filter. And i know they dont like current.

So basicly would 2betta fit in my tank?
Thx for help 😉

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