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aemaki09 03-26-2013 03:51 PM

What did you do with your tank today?
Thought it would be cool to see what everyone does with their tanks!

You can post anything from feeding your fish to doing a complete overhaul, a water change to medicating, adding a new fish or new plants....
Basically post anything you want as long as it is related to one of your tanks!

Today I fed everyone, started rinsing sand for my substrate change, added some more baby ferns to my driftwood, and did a small w/c on my fry tank.

jesssan2442 03-26-2013 04:01 PM

yesterday I got some frozen brine shrimp for my little guys and I got some aquarium silicone to glue a piece of driftwood to a tile cause it wouldn't sink..
today I did water changes..
and on thursday I'm gonna put the driftwood in the tanks!!!
and when I get the money I'm gonna buy live plants for them!!

Skyewillow 03-26-2013 04:01 PM

Fed everyone, Mike had to take out a guppy that had died, Archi was displeased and she's been scavenging all dead guppies, going to pull a WC on Hu's tank.

xShainax 03-26-2013 04:03 PM

Took out a dead platy before Maestro ate it. That's about it

Crowntails 03-26-2013 04:40 PM

Doing a water change later!

Juditko 03-26-2013 06:19 PM

Corralled Buzz Betta for a feeding while the rasboras swam befuddled, then ate!!

ZubinBetta 03-26-2013 07:16 PM

I visited a LFS and bought a resin cave for Blossom for his 5.5g tank. It had a plastic plant attached, which I detached. About an hour after I put it in the tank Blossom was resting inside. I'm watching his fins to make sure they don't tear. The opening to the cave is large enough that he doesn't have to squeeze through, and the sides of the cave are not sharp but not perfectly smooth, either. It seems they don't really make ornaments with bettas in mind.

bettaluver14 03-26-2013 07:18 PM

shot my Ammo back up to 4ppm today in my cycling 10gal :3 today's day 29!!!!!!! also did a partial WC to keep things going and vacuumed Zuko's current 2.5gal.

LittleBettaFish 03-26-2013 07:31 PM

Well this morning I worked on conditioning one of my males up for breeding. He is just not aggressive enough, and so I have been trying to build up his confidence with daily flare sessions at the mirror.

I also got took some nice shots of my fish for my blog, and then my camera ran out of battery.

Then I fed a few of my fry/juvies in the grow-outs breakfast.

BeautifulBetta123 03-26-2013 07:46 PM

I hauled my but out of bed at 11:50 to feed my fish, I am behind on water changes by three days because I am so sick, running a fever and throwing up my gut :(
The fry tank needs a water change but I can't get out of bed. I attempted to do a water change but after 30 seconds o holding the syphon hose I was so dizzy I dumped the water back in the tank and threw up in the bathroom. Oh my life.
I can barely move :o
Although I am almost finished all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies although I have slept through most of each one. Maybe tomorrow I will watch as many Lord Of The Ring movies as possible.

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