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JessikaSky 10-21-2014 08:32 PM

First non betta tank! a bit scared..
I bought a second hand generous 2 foot sized tank that was previously being used for guppies and I'm slowly getting fish for it.
So far I have 3 guppies, two flame red dwarf gourami and just a standard birstlenose.
I'm looking at getting two or three bumble bee gobys and a peppermint bristlenose and a couple more guppies.

I'm very scared since this is my first tank keeping fish other than bettas! not to mention it's a large tank with a few different types of fish, I hope nothing goes wrong. I assumed the tank wouldn't take long to cycle since I bought the tank with sand in it already as well as some live plants and there was a bit of water already in it too, I also put the same filter in for whole day but I have since but a new one in the filter was really not suited for that size tank at all, and then I put the fish in. It has the same heater and same tank decorations, I put ammolock in the tank along with some seachem stabilizer and stress coat. fingers crossed.

So if anyone had any tips, tricks or advice for any of the fish I mentioned I would love some info! :)

I'll get some photos of the tank soon!

hgual22 10-22-2014 10:38 AM

Its probably not cycled. Buy a test kit and cycle it before anything else. The bb live in the filter, and if the cycled filter was only on there a day, it wasnt enough time. It needs to be left o for at least a month.

JessikaSky 10-23-2014 12:33 AM

Oh no /: I've got an ammonia kit and so far ammonia is 0

Bessie 10-23-2014 08:45 AM

Hi. :wave:

As a heads up, you don't really want to put bumblebee gobies in a tank with guppies, it's asking for constant fin nipping. Bumblebee gobies are very territorial, not just to eachother but other fish as well. I had mine in a brackish tank with Mollies fine, but any flowing fins like guppies attracts the bees attention and they will chase and nip - sometimes they think it's food, sometimes they're just being jerks. They have a lot of attitude for tiny little fish.

As far as your tank goes, you really need to calm down on the stocking and as has been said, you need to leave it for at least a month now. You've already well overstocked it for an uncycled tank - I reckon it's going to be closer to the two month mark. I would have stuck with the three guppies to cycle it to be honest.

I believe your ammonia is reading zero because of the ammo lock (someone else can feel free to correct there, I personally don't use it) but you really need to be testing for more than this. Ammonia, Nitrite and Ph are the bare minimum, although a nitrate test will tell you when it's cycled well. If you can't afford it, take a sample of your tank water to your nearest fish shop and they should test it for you, for a small charge.

Good Luck!

- Bess :grin:

hgual22 10-23-2014 11:06 AM

When I cycled my tank, the ammonia was at zero very fast, it was the nitrite that was off the charts for almost a month, and then it finally went down to zero, and was cycled. Ammonia isnt the only indicator in cycling.

To cycle with the guppies, change the water every other day, adding prime or ammolock, and just leave everything be for a month, then test ammonia and nitrite. Or you could get tetra safestart, ive hear good things and it helped me fishless cycle quicker.

JessikaSky 10-23-2014 06:45 PM

Oh no, I didn't know and I looked up about them and it said they were peaceful, I bought them at the same time as some guppies and the pet shop guy didn't say anything :( I feel awful now, but I have noticed the guppies just stay up the top and the gobys are down the bottom.

I didn't plan on adding anymore fish just getting the tank cycled safely, I add stability by seachem which is meant to get it to cycle fast and safely with preventing "new tank syndrome", I also add stress coat and ammolock.
Ammolock doesn't effect the ammonia reading because I use it in my betta tanks and still get a .25 ammonia reading, I had a zero ammonia reading for the first two days of the 2 ft tank being set up and I tested it yesterday and I had an ammonia reading of nearly 4, so I did water change of a bit over half the tank, so ammolock doesn't effect readings :)

JessikaSky 10-23-2014 06:50 PM

I'm buying another test kit set today for nitrite and nitrate :) and I'll be doing another water change

Bessie 10-23-2014 07:02 PM

Oh dear, you already bought the Gobies at the same time as the guppies? I thought you said in your original post you only had guppies, gourami's and a bristlenose in there, but were planning on getting the gobies along with more guppies and a peppermint bristlenose? :-?

I'm not sure which source told you they are peaceful, but they are very nippy, and territorial with their own species. 4ppm is far too high and going to cause some losses, if not immediately, taking an effect over a period of several days. How many gobies do you have in there now?

Cut the amount you're feeding by half for now. Daily water changes and some biological supplement is about all you can do right now, unless you take some of the fish back to the store, explaining your situation and that you want what's best for the fish. You're in for a tough ride hon.

JessikaSky 10-23-2014 07:10 PM

Yes because I'd posted this thread a few days ago now and no one replied and told me anything, so I assumed it'd have been okay, I also went with my friend who has 9 bettas, a community tank, a gold fish tank and an African tank I think it was.

I have 3 gobys, and they usually hide away in the live plants and near the drift wood I have.

I might have to take them back I think, ah going to sound stupid, what's biological supplement? I have a friend who has suggested amguard by seachem that removes ammonia and she suggested filter media that removes ammonia are any of these options a good idea?

Bessie 10-23-2014 07:24 PM

In honesty I think it's your best bet to take some back. The tank has a huge bioload for only being a few days old.

So you also got more guppies when you bought the gobies? What fish in total do you have now? I could help recommend what to take back if that's what you decide to do.

The Gobies will be hiding as A) You only got them in the last day or so I believe? and B) Because they will be stressed from any nitrites if they are present.

I'd stick with ammolock as members seem to have success with this. A biological supplement is good bacteria that will grow in your filter which feeds off ammonia and nitrites (thus a cycled tank), but for a new tank that usually takes 4-8 weeks, so you desperately need a boost of those bacteria right now. There's a gazillion different brands, all pretty much do the same job to be honest, and I don't use it as I cycle my tanks with seeded media from other tanks.

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