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JessikaSky 10-24-2014 10:20 AM

Maybe your fish are different over there but these ones will only grow to 2 inches max. And females aren't really available at our pet shops. Aggression won't be bad as long as there are no females. If you have both then you need a good ratio but if you have only males it will be fine, not to mention these fish have grown up together already in the pet shop..

JessikaSky 10-24-2014 10:37 AM

Bessie 10-26-2014 08:01 PM

Bit confused why you've posted an extremely basic Bumblebee Goby caresheet, JessikaSky?

JessikaSky 10-26-2014 08:11 PM

Because that's where I got my information from about the gobys, I also got info from this site too where it states how they are a brackish fish, and can do okay in a community setting. I've also been feeding them a frozen mix of blood worms, daphnia and shrimp. I've highered the PH to 7.

The ammonia is coming down and I have actually had no more fish deaths. I am doing about half tank water changes every 2 days.

JessikaSky 10-26-2014 08:18 PM,...bee%20Goby.htm

these two sites say to add salt. I can do this as I have AQ salt? I found a bubble nest the other night and watch two of my gouramis go under it and what looked like to me that they were both building the nest together

JessikaSky 10-26-2014 11:14 PM

Bleh that should say "And I watched two of my gourami go under it and do what looked like to me was them working together building the nest "

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