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Tealight03 05-31-2015 07:44 PM

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Welcome to my journal! I have had many bettas over the years. Of course I didn't know what I was doing when I was younger and the fish were probably suffering from cold and not enough cleaning. Fast forward to today were I currently have Phil, a VT male, and Ruby, a CT female.

Both live in heated, filtered 5 gallon tanks. Phil is my chronic fin biter. He only bites if I skip a meal, so fasting is not an option for him at all. His tail is looking better. Until the next time I go out of town.

Ruby is lovely. She's active and always exploring. She's also a scavenger. If a pellet drops I know she'll find it. Unlike her brother who lounges around and lets food float by.

Enjoy a couple of pics! Sunday is water change day.

Tealight03 05-31-2015 07:57 PM

Fin biter
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More pictures of Phil.

"I swear if you bite your tail one more time...."

In the second photo, his tail is starting to grow back Until he takes another chunk out. Sigh.

DangerousAngel 05-31-2015 08:07 PM

Gorgeous fishes! Ahh, the frustrations of a tail biter, I have 3 so don't feel bad. I LOVE wc day, I'm always redoing the tank decor! Can't wait to see more!

Tealight03 06-14-2015 10:44 AM

This fish . . .
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Remember a couple weeks ago when I said Phil's fin was regrowing? Well as per usual, he took another chunk out. I still really feel like this is a hinger issue. Sometimes he gets dinner late because I'm busy. Maybe I'll try to put him on a set food schedule.

Other fin biting triggers I've tried: moving him to a bigger tank, never rearranging his tank because one time I did and he flipped out and started chasing his tail. I might get some black construction paper for the sides of his tank. He glass surfes a lot. I wonder if there's anything else I'm missing.

I also noticed a hole in his fin. Not sure what that is. He has silk plants in his tank, a clay pot and a castle. Nothing that seems like it could damage him.

Tealight03 06-14-2015 10:47 AM

Thanks, Dangerous. Tail biters are the worse. I've never had one before. When I got Phil I started reading this forum and though how lucky I was that he wasn't a biter and switched to pellets no problem. A month later it started.

DangerousAngel 06-15-2015 09:37 PM

No problem. They are! But the regrowth is always a rewarding thing! Unfortunately Dangerous started as his way of letting me know something was wrong. Hopefully regrowth will start showing soon and he won't keep it up. Go see my journal for the full story. :-)

Tealight03 06-16-2015 10:04 PM

Hopefully he doesn't keep it up. Every time I think Phil has stopped he starts again. Repeats "I've made my peace with this."

Tealight03 06-16-2015 10:08 PM

Filtering tank water
This weekend I started using a Britta filter to filter my drinking water. I opted to use filtered water for the tanks as well. I bought Seachem Replenish to re-mineralize the water. Everyone seems happy and healthy. I'm hoping to avoid the fluctuations that come with city water.

Tealight03 06-22-2015 10:35 AM

More biting
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Sigh, Phil is still biting. Yesterday was water change day. I took out a little castle which I thought might be causing some water quality issues. He didn't seem too impressed. He did use it although not often.

For about a month I've noticed white flake things in Phil's tank. I think they were coming off one of the plants, which was also removed yesterday.

Next time I go to Petco I'll get him another plant. I want to try something like water sprite I think.

And because I feel like all I do is talk about my problem child, I'll post pics of Ruby soon. She is so low maintenance compared to Phillip.

KatrinaLovesFish567 06-22-2015 10:44 AM

Aww I do hope Phil will get better! I remember when my betta would do the same thing and it was just a pain. But now he's all better, and I hope your Philip will be soon!

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