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Euro 05-03-2016 07:07 PM

Petco Fishies!
So my petco got a really big shipment of bettas and some of them are beautiful. If anyone is interested in any of them, I can go pick them up, just pay for them and their shipping :]

There are some absolute monster Kings there ;D




#4 black/copper with blue wash, his color is gorgeous nd he was super hard to catch in the right light

#5 Red, white and blue king

#6 another absolutely massive king, he barely fits in the cup

#7 true orange double tail

#8 white king, has a few black/dark blue flecks, dunno what color he will end up or if he'll stay white

#9 have no idea how to describe his color, sort of a washed out/pastel copper and red


No promises if they will still be there, but if they are I will nab them and send you an invoice for them :]

Crash 05-03-2016 08:18 PM

Gosh, those marbles are pretty! No more bettas for me though :(

DangerousAngel 05-03-2016 10:06 PM

Oooohhhh those Kings are gorgeous!!! Akkk I wish I had some space for one, that first one, and white one are calling my name!! :lol::lol:

ashleynicol3 05-03-2016 10:08 PM

The very first one is so pretty! All of them really, but that one catches my eye. :) I love when people post pictures of the fish they see at the stores.

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Olivia27 05-03-2016 10:37 PM

Ergh... Tempted to take in Another Absolutely Massive King... but only because I feel extra bad for extra-sized fish who has to endure life in a cup. Then I probably shouldn't =\ it's not like you would pet-sit for four months anyway LOL

Color wise I love the first and last ^^ hope they find good homes

Euro 05-04-2016 12:24 AM

@olivia, I mean I would totes pet sit as long as I knew they went to good homes hurng, especially the huge guy. I was tempted to take him myself because he was so freaking massive but I would have to do some tank shuffling. I do have space but I'd have to wait a week or so until all my stuff for dividing my 10 for my 3 girls would free up my bookshelf tank ahhh struggles XD

and I'm so happy they got a new load of fish. they havent had a new shipment in months because of that drama with the suppliers. From someone on the inside, the supplier of animals for petco and petsmart went under investigation for animal abuse so there has been like no new shipments of anything for a while

Olivia27 05-04-2016 06:32 AM

Oh gee, you made me flip flop between future tank plans XD aaaannnd... They're investigating the wrong end of the chain imo. The abuse happens at the retail store, not at the breeding farm =\

Welp I just did measurements and apparently I can still fit a Stingray over a 3g KK if I want a tank in the third shelf of my bookshelf. Cobalt can go there, and his 10g can go to a big fat fish :P

TBH I'm more drawn towards Blue White and Red King though~ and he's pretty massive himself. LMK if he's still around next week when your bookshelf opens up

Euro 05-04-2016 03:12 PM

Sure thing! I think I might be able to get him tomorrow since the other half needs food for her bearded dragon >u>!! he'll just hang out in a QT KK for a few days until the bookshelf is ready.

Olivia27 05-04-2016 03:20 PM

Yaaay I have no impulse controooool XD

He's $15 isn't he? Oh and if you manage to get an exact BO measurement of him that'll be great :3 just curious is all, I'd still take him even if he falls below 2.5"

Euro 05-04-2016 09:15 PM

Boo, no luck. Him and the yellow/white/blue dragon scale were gone. Everyone else is still there.

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