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Twist 02-21-2019 02:10 PM

Female Betta Coloring
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Hey! New to the forums and had a question about the coloration of my female betta (and maybe just wanted to talk about her because I'm very excited.)

I purchased the first betta I've had in 10 years two days ago mostly to have something interesting on my desk, and am completely smitten.

I'm really curious about her color though, especially since females aren't always as colorful as their male counterparts. Any ideas? She is a very dark color over her entire body, and when I got her she appeared black with blue iridescence on her scales and fins, similar to a black orchid. But under her LED lights (which aren't precisely white) she appears to have a sort of reddish/violet hue instead with the same bright blue coloration when the light hits her right.

Please ignore the reflection of my phone, she wasn't wanting to cooperate since all she wanted to do was get more breakfast!

Shameless gushing time:

Her name is Seraphina and she is super active and curious. I've only had her two days and she's already learned that my finger moving to the top of the tank means food. She's a voracious little thing and continues to beg for food even after I've fed her as much as I think is safe. Little piglet. I picked her because when I was trying to decide which betta I wanted, picking her up resulted in her flaring up and immediately swimming around her cup. I thought she seemed feisty and healthy and so far she doesn't disappoint!

She lives in a 2.5 gallon hex style aquarium with a low flow filter, about an inch of gravel, and a plastic plant. There are some glass beads at the bottom as well because they're pretty. She doesn't have any tank mates, though I'm considering getting something to eat any dropped food, not that she's dropped any (see above: piglet). But I wanted her to have as much space as possible and as she likes to sometimes rest on the bottom rather than in her plant, I don't want a cory or shrimp to bother her when she wants a break so I think I'll just monitor her feeding habits closely and do more frequent partial water changes.

My love for fish has been revitalized and I'm certain that when I have more room in the house I'm moving into in at the end of the year that I'll have a number of betta tanks.

RussellTheShihTzu 02-23-2019 10:05 PM

I can't really tell. @indjo is good with colors. Maybe he will see this.

bluesamphire 02-24-2019 07:45 AM

Hi and welcome.

Gushing (even shameless) is encouraged around here.


Twist 02-25-2019 04:00 AM

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Here are some better pictures. The first one shows the iridescence

indjo 02-26-2019 03:26 AM

The pictures are dark. Try shining a bright light over her for pictures. Don't take pictures with brighter light in front of camera (light should be behind or above)
My best guess is copper. They may look different with different light angles. They may look grey, blueish, or purple. They have slight red which gives them that copper appearance. Otherwise they would look steel or grey.

Rames27 02-26-2019 07:26 AM

your betta could just have iridescent scales... Mine is usually dark blue with a bright red and black, when I shine the light on him, he is green/aqua blue and deep red and navy

Twist 02-26-2019 12:24 PM

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Can coppers be a reddish black body with bright blue iridescence? Every photo I get of her looks dark but she really just is that dark, no matter how much light I shine on her. It's definitely a reddish/purple black color but she has blue iridescence.

I would be very excited if she was a copper.

indjo 02-26-2019 12:55 PM

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I do believe she is a copper. She could be called a black copper

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Regular coppers look like my avy. Notice the copper looking fins. It is due to red genes. From certain light angles, that one may look greenish (body)

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