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Old Dog 59 02-25-2019 06:14 PM

Ever been scolded by your Betta
I think we all know how our Betta act in different situations. Some will get upset when you change the water in there tank, Some will hide for hours back in the plants when you put something new (decor) in their tank. I know my oldest betta Gunny has a routine and if it is broken he pouts. (but not for long) He never minded changes in his tank. He took those changes in stride, and explored them. However Ben my newest Boy really doesn't like changes to his plants. He didn't mind the new rocks, or the mystery snails when I added them.

But mess with his plants he goes bonkers. I replaced some of his bunch plants that were looking spindly yesterday. I replaced them with a tall Grass in the center of the tank in front of the filter to fill in a hole. That he just explored. I pulled the spindly bunch plants from the right side of his tank, and replaced them with a medium rosette sword, and a medium size amazon sword.

Now these plants will fill in, and spread in a few weeks, but according to Ben I have committed the most vial act of trespass. This is unforgivable to him. ( well for a few hours anyway). He swam in and through the new plants, came back out, and hovered in front of the tank glaring at me. Swam back into those new plants, came back to the front, and glared some more.

It was a very indigent stare. (as how dare you do this to my tank. up until about an hour ago he, wouldn't go near that side of the tank. finally about 20 min. ago I caught him back in the right side laying in the center of the rosette sward just as happy as he could be. He saw me looking and swam out to greet me like nothing ever happened. (I guess he's over his tantrum) However in all of this he never missed a meal. LOL

It's funny how these guys react, and let you know what sets them off. I wonder what he'll do when the new plants come in tomorrow for the new 55 gal., and I put some medium grasses in the front right side between the swords. I'll be ready for the scolding. :wink3:

bettatanksalot 02-25-2019 07:08 PM

I have a male VT Carson, he hates water changes. He darts and acts all psycho when I’m in there so I try to not move stuff around too much. He swam up the siphon once and I’m sure that has made things worse. I don’t know how he got in it, I was in the gravel and next thing you know it happened. Luckily he was not injured but yeah he’s a grumpy skittish one and he bites his beautiful tail especially after a water change! But I love him none the less!

Old Dog 59 02-25-2019 07:36 PM

Water changes for Ben are play time. He loves playing as close to the cup I dip the water out with, and he does swim into the cup. So I have to really watch before I empty the cup in the bucket. (like throwing the baby out with the bath) They have so many things they express to us. There are times I wonder if I have gone round the bend, because I know exactly what he wants and why he does what he does.

He will tell me about things that are not right in his tank. like if one of the snails uproots a plant or knocks the thermometer off the side of the tank and it's floating. Ben will zoom around the front to get my attention and then swim to what is out of place. ( and the look he gives me if I don't catch it right away, is like look here stupid). All my betta have their ways and I can tell their likes, and dislikes, and if they are scared of something.

I guess it's the time I spend watching them and learning from them.

bettatanksalot 02-26-2019 06:56 AM

You are very right they do all have their ways and different likes/dislikes!

fleetfish 03-02-2019 10:05 AM

My old grump Shim bites me. Every time I do a water change. It's not a curious "Can I Eat Diz?" lippy bite he usually gives me. It's a "What have you done woman?!" kind of bite - a full on hard chomp. I think he does it because he is just a very hotheaded little fellow, but I also think deep down he loves me as much as I love him. My other bettas are not as forward as Shim, and they tend to just be content with what I give them. I've learned a lot from my bettas. :)

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