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SinfulKarma 03-20-2019 04:45 PM

10 Gallon Research Questions
So I have an empty 10 gallon tank and have been researching what I'd want to do with it and what not. As you can tell by the forum and section I'm posting in, I want to do a planted aquarium with a betta. I wanted to ask based on my choices below what would be a good number of what or realistically what I can do with the space I have.

Outside of the betta, I was considering Corys, and either mystery snails and/or ghost shrimp(for tank mates.)
For plants I was going to aim for Java Fern and Hornwort for a hiding plant, Java Moss for carpeting, and Amazon Frogbit for shade.

So I guess what I'm asking is... is this a good setup in theory, assuming I circulate everything properly over the course of several months.

Thoughts and help are welcomed as I am relevant new to raising fish babies, but want the best for my betta.

Old Dog 59 03-20-2019 05:59 PM

Having a 10 gallon setup and wanting to put in Cory's (knowing they are shoaling fish. needing 6-10 being the smallest shoal.) There are dwarf Cory that might work out at that number and Mystery snails are always a good choice.(however you might want to hold off on them until you have a good algae (green) growth. Or you could add some lettuce on a hanger to feed them until the tank matures enough to give them more food. Same with the Cory. They need a cycled and mature tank with plenty of food source.

Your plant choices are good I would also Add Anubias to the list. either wait until the roots grow out enough to plant it up to the rhizome or you could supper glue it to drift wood or rock. Another good suggestion is Asian water fern. Low light and grows well.

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