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Tree 05-19-2019 09:21 PM

6 gallon tank progress
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So I bought this 6 gallon fluval 6 gallon tank that would have been close to 200 bucks at the store. I got it for $80 from my LFS. granted it is used but there are no leaks and it works just fine.

Now I wanna try my hand on one of those landscape looking tanks. I never done it before so if anyone has any idea on what type of plants I should get and add to the bonsai tree, let me know! =D

Anyway here is the WIP landscape I am going for. I'm not sure If I should add small rocks to it or just leave it like this and add small plants that wont grow tall.

let me know what you think!

blubird101 05-20-2019 09:27 AM

Oooh, good luck! I'd love to see the finished project!
I think in the dark section you can use a good low carpeting plant, like baby tears or monte carlo. It would almost look like grass. Or you could just use good old dwarf hairgrass, though it would need some trimming. And I guess yeah, some small stones in key parts of the tank would help to keep that illusion of scale.

As for a the "tree" I've seen some people take apart marimo moss balls and spread them on top, making the form of the tree. I personally like the branch you have though, and I don't think you should cover the small detailed branches!

Either way, looks like a great start!

Tree 05-20-2019 08:01 PM

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Yeah I was thinking about adding some of those carpet plants into the tanks. Thanks for the ideas! =D

You think rocks would be a nice touch? What type of rocks do you think I should add? I was thinking some jagged rocks slanted upward but not 100% sure. Where do you think I should place them? my thought was either around the tree or on the flat side to the left. There's not too much substrate over there and was thinking about having the rocks have some moss on them. I was also thinking of making this tank have CO2. Any suggestions on what would be a cheap rout to go for that kind of thing?

For the tree. I have to agree with you not adding any plants on it. I'm just wondering if it would look to bare if left "dead" I was thinking of nano Anubias so the roots can drape down. That or what you thought of, the moss balls.

I have added water to the tank and turned on the filter. thinking of having no heater for the tank. I think I remember hearing that plants like cooler water than warm. I would also have to find some fish that will be okay with colder water. If all else fails I'll end up putting a small heater in there.

Tree 05-20-2019 11:30 PM

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ignore the cloudy water. one of my friends gave me a great idea to add a hidy hole under the tree. All that it needs are the plants, some rocks and the FISH...once it cycles. ;)

Old Dog 59 05-21-2019 02:13 AM

That's a neat Idea. I like the layout of the substrate. I think once the plants are in it will be a really beautiful tank.

blubird101 05-21-2019 09:08 AM

Something like this (specifically talking about the stones on each side, though if you wanted to cover your tree you could, though I still think its good on its own) would be awesome! You see how some small stones on either side look like natural boulders in mini scale? Helps to get that perspective you're looking for.

Love the hidey hole, great idea!

(edit, forgot the picture *facepalm* i'll comment again with it)

blubird101 05-21-2019 09:09 AM

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*edit* forgot to add the picture haha, here you go!

Tree 05-21-2019 06:43 PM

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yeah that's what I was thinking too with the rocks. that or this type of rock formation some how mixed in. Maybe the rocks can form around the "road?"

I ended up changing the sand to small gravel due to the plastic I used to keep the two substrate separated from one another didn't work so well. I like the brown instead of the white sand. I still need to fix a few things to the gravel but it's a start!

Old Dog 59 05-22-2019 02:39 AM

It looks very nice. You have a good start going. A few well placed rounded stones on either side of the road would look amazing. I would add some moss or very low grasses and then Anubis on the tree side but not high enough to hide the tree. on the other side some Java fern and a couple of taller swords to the back of the tank on either side.

Tree 05-22-2019 02:19 PM

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So I bought seed for this tank! It's SO Much cheaper than buying it already grown oh my god. I bought Glossostigma Hemianthus and Hygrophila seeds. I heard good reviews about it growing in 14 days and it will be exciting to watch it grown day by day! I will be taking photos of the progress once both seeds arrive. I will also be adding some of this plant into my other tanks as well! =D

As for the Sword plant, They might not grow so well in a short enclosed tank like this. I have one in my 5 gallon that is tall and squished. lol I think I will stick with short plants for this tank. Thanks for the idea though I love swords! easy to grow. I do like the rock ideas. any type of rocks you all think would go well for this tank? if I can find them that is. I may end up just buying them instead of getting them from outside.

The photo is the seeds I bought. small leaf and large leaf.

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