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peppersmom 09-09-2019 04:30 PM

Meet Pepper
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The forum has met my fish but I have not properly introduced my dog.

I just wanted to share these few cute pictures of my diva dog.

She runs this house and her sassy butt knows it...:P

Please feel free to share photos of your dogs/finless pets as well.

I love animals and would love to hear about everyone pets. :)

Old Dog 59 09-09-2019 05:07 PM

She's a sweet little girl. I can see she owns your hart and house hold.

anfarlamb 09-09-2019 07:03 PM

Aww, she is so cute!

RussellTheShihTzu 09-09-2019 08:32 PM

What cute diva!

Does she take advantage of the kiddie pool to cool off? Or play? :)))

peppersmom 09-10-2019 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu (Post 1852520294)
What cute diva!

Does she take advantage of the kiddie pool to cool off? Or play? :)))

She is obsessed with her kiddie pool. When we first bought it she was not a fan but she LOVES playing fetch so we threw the ball in the water and she was skittish at first but after the first dip she was hooked.

It's currently drained but sitting in our yard and Pepper will jump into and whine at us. She is a goof. (We are in Minnesota so it's chilly here now. I AM NOT READY FOR WINTER!)

She doesn't look like she'd be a water dog but we go to a dog park on the Mississippi in a town nearby and it has a doggie beach where dogs can go swimming. There were a few geese swimming on the beach and Pepper took off trying to chase them and she jumped right in the river. She thinks she's a tough girl who can take on full grown geese. :shock2: :roll:

Also thanks everyone! Pepper and I appreciate the kind comments. :)

RussellTheShihTzu 09-10-2019 06:17 PM

We have an above ground pool that is not dog accessible. However....If I'm in Fiona wants in, too. She paddles around and then heads for the steps. Edward is not a fan. ;-)

Taught both about the steps should they ever accidentally find themselves swimming.

Moon Child 09-18-2019 04:39 PM

wow, what a cute, spunky little dog. I just lost my jack russell terrier (in my profile photo) on August 4th/19 and so i got my first betta fish. thanks for sharing!!

Moon Child 09-18-2019 04:49 PM

my black/white Jack russell terrier was called Pepper! i love that name and my other one was Ginger. The one that just passed that we adopted as a special needs rescue at age 6, died at age 16. His name was Jakey (the name he was given so we didn't change it).

Beauty_Cod 10-22-2019 02:58 AM

She's so adorable!! I really like that second photo, she's down on the grass but still looking very mischievous!

Moon Child 11-05-2019 09:45 PM

omg so adorable! what a face and personality! I really miss my jack russell terrier Jake who passed at 16 3 months ago but that's why i got the Betta fish as we will be travelling and my adult daughter has moved in so she can mind the fish/snail if we take small trips. With a dog, it's not as easy. But yes one day when we've finally fully retired etc and are ready to go away less, only then will I adopt another little rescue doggie. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives!

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