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This is his normal home and I’m excited to nurse him back to health and get him in there
We will learn how to breed betta fish simply
Showing off my baby Betta!
These are some pictures of my halfmoon betta, Neptune!
Help with colour identification
Moloka'i is a younger delta tail male, he is about 1 year old
I've had Aura for about a month now
Home of proud parents, Zubeia and Avizandum. Other inhabitants include 1 amano shrimp, one orange bee shrimp, 1 yellow mystery snail, 1 blue mystery snail, 1 zebra nerite snail, and 2 black racer nerite snails.
I got Avizandum a month ago
2020 10 gallons Aqueon (Black)
2020 3.4G Penn Plax Radius curved corner (n/a)
Non-planted tank, 10g
2019 14 Litre Sunsun HRG300 (Black)
2020 2.5 gallon Rectangle tank w/ black frame
2020 10 gal each, 3 tanks total.
2014 1 Gallon Aqueon Mini Bow 1 (Blue)
2019 divided 15 gallon, housed Flitter and Artemis.
2019 5 gallons Fluval Spec V (black)
2019 5 gallons Fluval Spec V (Black)
10 Liters Spec (White)
2019 15 gallon (2' x 1' x 1') Aqueon AGA
2019 1/1.5 gallon Local indian model (Transparent)
2019 57 litre Fluval Flex Glass Aquarium