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Showing off my baby Betta!
These are some pictures of my halfmoon betta, Neptune!
Help with colour identification
Moloka'i is a younger delta tail male, he is about 1 year old
I've had Aura for about a month now
multi/rainbow colored fish
Home of proud parents, Zubeia and Avizandum. Other inhabitants include 1 amano shrimp, one orange bee shrimp, 1 yellow mystery snail, 1 blue mystery snail, 1 zebra nerite snail, and 2 black racer nerite snails.
I got Avizandum a month ago
2020 10 gallons Aqueon (Black)
2020 3.4G Penn Plax Radius curved corner (n/a)
Non-planted tank, 10g
2020 12 Litre EJA-01
2019 14 Litre Sunsun HRG300 (Black)
2020 2.5 gallon Rectangle tank w/ black frame
2020 10 gal each, 3 tanks total.
2014 1 Gallon Aqueon Mini Bow 1 (Blue)
2019 divided 15 gallon, housed Flitter and Artemis.
2019 5 gallons Fluval Spec V (black)
2019 5 gallons Fluval Spec V (Black)
10 Liters Spec (White)
2019 15 gallon (2' x 1' x 1') Aqueon AGA
2019 1/1.5 gallon Local indian model (Transparent)
2019 57 litre Fluval Flex Glass Aquarium