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She's either pregnant or obese but ultimately a photo bomber
My new girl she's either 6 months old maybe younger
Laptop Acer Aspire 3 A315-56-58EG NX.HS5SV.00J. Chiếc máy này nổi bật với một thiết kế tối giản, kèm theo thông số vô cùng ấn tượng, cùng hàng trăm phần quà hấp dẫn dành riêng cho các bạn học sinh – sinh viên. Nào còn chần chờ gì nữa mà không cùng bắt đầ
Male candy coi crossed with samurai Betta.
I just catch this yesterday ... I don't know how it happens.. but ... Yesterday it has small holes now it looks large .. and it's just in tail part .. i think it's fungus tell me how to cure it
small spawn of half moon bettas my 1st spawn
My Old Bettas, Turquoise, Kyakxu, & Fin Kyakxu means "fish" in Ktunaxa. She was quite feisty. I have two new bettas now and I am still naming them.
Hi, My male Betta fins are changing color to red, not sure if he is sick, stressed or going thru a color change. Tank water is kept clean. Maybe due to stress? Should not be fin rot unless he had when I purchased. Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5 Does it have a filter? Yes Does it...
Veiltail Betta Fish From Indonesia
Scarlet and white edged elephant betta
We found Snoopy in the middle of the road, and of course, we brought him home! He is with us 3 to 4 years, I don't remember exactly! He is lazy, cute and the only thing he cares about is food! He loves everyone except of my, maybe because I love Matilda, my other cat! Enjoy his cute face!
I adopted her when she was one month old....When she was about a year old, we found a kitten in the middle of the road.... what could we do, we took him home! We named him Snoopy. He started atacking Matilda, and she was hiding more and more... He changed her behaviour much. From a purring...
I’m fairly certain Apollo here is a Stars and Stripes Delta Fin Betta, but I’m not entirely sure because he looks almost purple and pink rather than red white and blue
I honestly have almost no clue what kind of betta my Houdini is but I’m very curious and anxious to find out! Help please!
To honor my best friend, Neptune.
A cheap, easy way to feed duckweed to fish!
Here is my boy that passed on Saturday 💕
Have a look of my avatar beauty
just in case if my betta does have fin rot I put aquarium salt in the tank.
Hi, I have a question about my beta. His fins are really tattered and i’m pretty sure it’s fin rot but i’m not sure what caused this or how to fix it. I checked the water parameters and they were are all good. I’m going to do a water change. I want to know the cause and if this is fin rot before...
So my Mustard Gas Betta Casanova has been very sick, losing his scales and has popeye, best thing I can figure is he has a blood/sinus infection(bacterial issue) and was recommended to use this. I am already noticing a difference in the lil fella!
I've recently been recommended these San Francisco Bay Frozen Brine Shrimp for my Pink Orchid. I defrost them first in some warm bottled water and she absolutely loves them. The issue is that there are just TOO MUCH SHRIMP in one cube! It was a hassle cleaning out the tank after feeding them...