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I've recently been recommended these San Francisco Bay Frozen Brine Shrimp for my Pink Orchid. I defrost them first in some warm bottled water and she absolutely loves them. The issue is that there are just TOO MUCH SHRIMP in one cube! It was a hassle cleaning out the tank after feeding them...
Leonardo Da’Fishy died April 6th. I bawled all day and then some. I loved you lil guy, Rest In Peace.
I never thought in a million years fish would captivate my heart... but hmm.. here we are lol
Leonardo has so much personality it kills me! He may not be a rare betta but his personality sure is out of this world!
I love how even his eye is multicolored like the rest of his body
Simply put, he’s my love lol
I love both my fish so much! Casanova is stunning and so tiny cause he’s still pretty young, cant wait till he gets big!!!
Casanova love the krusty krab!
This is Leonardo Da’Fishy in his simple but cute tank
This is my lovely male Red Crowntail Betta
Can anyone tell me what fin type he is? Pleaseee
This is my first betta I have had since I was a young adult... I kinda stole him from my mom lmao
My first Betta! He doesn't look like it, but he's a goofball.
I think he is a red dragon, what do you think?
Just decided on his name 😊
My first ever Betta!
9ish month old betta. Rehomed to me in March. Possible swimmer bladder problem.
This is his normal home and I’m excited to nurse him back to health and get him in there
Showing off my baby Betta!
These are some pictures of my halfmoon betta, Neptune!
Help with colour identification
Moloka'i is a younger delta tail male, he is about 1 year old
I've had Aura for about a month now