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5 Months
Pink Orchid
Red~Pink and White
1 Gallon
I've recently been recommended these San Francisco Bay Frozen Brine Shrimp for my Pink Orchid. I defrost them first in some warm bottled water and she absolutely loves them. The issue is that there are just TOO MUCH SHRIMP in one cube!

It was a hassle cleaning out the tank after feeding them to her because too many of them fall into the gravel, and I've often seen her trying to dig inside the gravel below for them. I'd like to keep feeding her these shrimps but it's too much work cleaning them and my snails don't eat enough of them. The cube murks up the water and increases risk for heightened ammonia in the tank.

Does anyone else use this food and cut the cubes into smaller portions to feed their fish? Is there a more efficient way of doing this/product rather than portioning out from a single cube and freezing the rest? I could very well just only keep feeding her pellets and flakes but like I said she is crazy about them and I'd like to spoil her.


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