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Want to make a new hideout for your fish? Here is a easy way to make your fish's new favorite decoration!

Supplies: coconut, butter knife, something to poke holes in coconut (Corkscrew), string, java fern (Optional), sandpaper, pan, water.
First, poke holes in the coconut and drain the juice. Use handle of knife to "hammer" around the coconut. It should crack open within the next few minutes. Start scooping out the flesh. Then, you can sand around the outside until smooth. Once you have done that, boil some water in a pan and place coconut halves in it. Keep repeating that until water boils clear. Let cool. Weave string through the holes into one of the coconut halves and attach the java fern to it. Set it in aquarium and enjoy! Note: Some biofilm will form on the coconut halves so wash until clean. Have fun!


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