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General Information

4 to 5 years old!
She was a stray, I don't know her breed!
white, orange, grey!
Hehe she is a cat!
I adopted her when she was one month old....When she was about a year old, we found a kitten in the middle of the road.... what could we do, we took him home! We named him Snoopy. He started atacking Matilda, and she was hiding more and more... He changed her behaviour much. From a purring fluffy ball, she became aggresive, bitting anyone she sees, when she is scared. Idk why, but she only likes me. She also likes my mum a bit, but not us much as me. I love her more than anything in the world, she is my baby and she'll be forever. Now her house is my room, and snoopy owns the rest of the house, but I think she has more confidence now. Her behaviour is also gettig much better, and I'm more happy than you can imagine. Enjoy the photos!! 😁 😁



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