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  1. Three Top Fin Torture Tanks

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Three Top Fin Torture Tanks (First Post) Hello everyone! This is my first post. Here are some top fin (a brand that sells bad and good fish products) tanks I saw that are being sold for betta fish earlier today. (None of the photos are mine they are just the online photos of the same products I...
  2. Neglected betta, what to do?

    Betta Chat
    I had to ask one of my friends for a ride to the pet store today to pick up a new tank, and I remembered he had a little red veiltail betta a year or so ago. I asked him if he still has it, and he said yes. That betta has been living in a container less than 0.5 gallons, unheated, unfilted, he...
  3. NEED to get this off of my chest

    Betta Fish Care
    So I was in my LFS (Not a chain store) today to buy some aquatic plants when an employee asked my what type of fish that I had. I told him that I had 11 bettas, each housed in tanks no less than 2.5 gallons. I told him that all of my fish were happy and healthy, and I was looking to redo the 2.5...
  4. Tortured Betta!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello friends I have some very disturbing news on a beta from my use-to-be- friend's house. He has always loved animals, but he started doing drugs like cocaine and got tired of this beautiful betta and guppy, but he would ashes in the tank when would blow cigarette ash into his f- ing NON...
  5. Secret Agent

    Betta Chat
    Hello everyone. I welp. I did it..... A girl who lives on my floor at college also has a pet betta. She is a beautiful blue plakat girl and is rather big actually. My friend who lives with her said how this girl never cleans her bowl which is maybe a liter big, and how she never cleans it. So...
  6. Betta Abuse

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi! I just joined this site today because I wanted to ask a question that has been eating me up all day. First, a little background info on me. So I live in a university residence with my pink Half Moon Betta, in as large of a vase I could find. I would say about two and a half gallons. Everyone...
  7. Fish Abuse or normal

    Betta Fish Care
    so i recently saved a betta :-D(ernest)from pet smart and i didn't know how bad they really treated their fish until the lady who was the primary care taker told me how often the feed them she told me the feed them one pellet twice a week Wednesdays and sundays also the woman gave me the brand...
  8. To Save Or Not To Save: The Abuse Crisis

    Betta Fish Care
    I have recently had a few people tell me never to rescue Bettas from large chains that abuse them such as Wal-Mart because it "encourages" them to continue stocking them and treat them unsafely and unfairly. Here is my opinion on the matter: Bettas have been sold by such companies for decades...
  9. Betta abuse photos?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello, I am doing a betta fish abuse project for school, and I need a few pictures that I can project on a white screen. I need a picture of one betta fish that is badly neglected in a pet store, and one picture of a very healthy betta in a good setting. If you know of such pictures please...
  10. Betta Abuse

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello, I am writing a report on betta abuse in pet stores, and am searching for some good points. Do any of you guys have any personal experiences or know a lot about betta abuse?
  11. Novermber 23, 2012: a time to act against Wal-Mart

    Betta Chat
    wal-mart has abused and killed too many bettas to count, and has repeatedly ignored those of us who speak out against the slaughter. they do not care about our words, they care only about money. this year, we will change that. on Black Friday, we need to get everyone we know who is sympathetic...
  12. Bad Petstores?

    Betta Fish Care
    I dont know how many of you have experienced this, but is it just me or are poor bettas just getting the brunt of abuse at the stores? I went last week to my local big chain pet store and I've never been so shocked in my whole life at how badly they're treated. Here were about a dozen cups full...
  13. Petco abuse

    Betta Fish Care
    Today i decided to go to Petco, take a few pictures, and do some research. I found out a lot of things... I walked over to the betta section and got a good look. Almost every cup had old food or waste in it and some bettas where sitting at the bottom of their cup. I saw one exceptional betta...