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acclimating new fish

  1. Hard Water Transitioning & Aeration Questions

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi! I'm very new to taking care of betta fish, and got my first one in late June this year! He's a very laid back kind of fish and currently in a filtered and heated 3 gallon tank; no live plants, but a few silk ones now and again (I rotate my plants). My fiancee and I have just bought our...
  2. New betta hiding - what to do?

    Betta Fish Care
    I have 2 new bettas. One is out and about (she's alone in a 50-litre tank in a room that I don't go in that much, but she doesn't freak out at all when I go to feed her or say "hello") and the other hides in his little fake log all the time. He's in a 20-litre in the kitchen. When I look in...