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  1. Re homing Xerxes and sunny new port richey fl

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    I have to rehome two of my betta buddies. Frist one is my yellow veiltail betta Sunny.the second my black king betta Xerxes. They are for pick up so if you live in Florida around the new port richey area pm me.
  2. New User Really Wants a Black Orchid!

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    Hi there! I've been reading this forum for about 8-9 months, I finally got around to creating an account. I've been keeping betta for three years, and currently have two: a blue CT Zircon and a green HM Seamus (my VT Dante passed away recently from dropsy). :-( As such, staring at an empty tank...
  3. Rescue betta needs a home. Tampa Bay Area, FL

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    I have a rescue betta that I am rehabilitating, and when he is healthy, he will need a new home. He will be ready to go within a month depending on how quickly he heals. He was close to death when I got him a few days ago, but has gotten much better in a short time. I only got him because I felt...
  4. RELive: Bettas for Adoption

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    RElive: Betta Splendens Rehabilitation and Rescue All of these guys (fish listed in next posting) have been rescued from the petstore or have been poorly cared for and given a second chance at a good life. Will you become that person who gives them what they deserve? The betta is FREE, however...
  5. Female Betta Free to a Good Home

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    I need to find a new home for Indigo, my cute little female betta. Her background: I got her thinking that I could put her in with my other "female" betta. Unfortunately, it tuned out that my original betta was not a female like I had previously thought. He was mislabeled when I got him...
  6. Starting a betta sim!

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    So months ago I wanted to start a betta sim, but due to my tight schedule I couldn't but this time I am! I'm going to create a betta sim where you can adopt/sell/earn/explore and find bettas, this is a sim game to teach your younger kids a lesson before buying a betta fish and the care they...
  7. This guy was left in my mailbox! Pic heavy!

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    I put flyers up in petstores and the like that I can take in bettas and rehome them, and this guy was left with me today. Is he a koi colored guy? He looks like a delta or a hm, he's very small! He doesn't appear to be sick, just a little skinny. I can fix that right up! :lol: At first he...