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  1. I finally found him! <3

    Betta Pictures
    For weeks I've been looking for a Plakat to take home because they are probably my favorite fin types of Betta. Even though I already have 4 Betta, I just knew I was going to end up adopting another if I found the right Plakat. coincidentally, I stumbled into a Petsmart last night and discovered...
  2. To my dear 5 fish

    Betta Memorials
    Petals, betta fish, blue, male, smart, and sick fish died :cry: Flowers, betta fish, red, unknown, sick from chemicals the first day we got him, fish died :cry: Pebbles, betta fish, red, female, smart, curious, jumped out of the glass bowl, fish died. :cry: Sparkles, betta fish, silver...
  3. Adopted Betta for Friend, Very New at This

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I have just recently started taking care of a Betta for a friend who was moving (I think it is a female betta based on the pictures I've seen). I know next to nothing of taking care of fish and was just trying to help out. After spending some time looking through here (which, unfortunately was...
  4. Emergency! Betta dying. ;; Lying at bottom, white blotches, anorexic, possible velvet

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello! ;; I'm worried sick. My sister has had a male betta, Benny, for about two years, and over the past week or few weeks, his condition's deteriorated dramatically, and now I'm trying to save him or at very least make him comfortable as he dies. ;;;;;; Please help! ;; Housing What size is...