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  1. Hello Folks!

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Howdy!:grin2: My name is Jessie and I LOVE betta fish! About a millennia ago I used to take the sick betta fish from a pet store, nurse them back to health, and adopt them out. My proudest fishy moment was when I heard that "Pearl," the little female betta I spent months working with, made it...
  2. Relive: Paya is up for ADOPTION!

    U.S. Classifieds
    Don't worry! Paya's fins are completely healed from the green fungus he had when we rescued him. They are taking their time growing to normal size. Clean water is all this boy needs, so he's now up for adoption! This betta are up for adoption! All of these guys have been rescued from the pet...
  3. Bettas up for adoption fl

    U.S. Classifieds
    Ok so 3 of my boys are up for adoption My king betta Xerxes My white halfmoon Shelly And my yellow veiltail sunny. For pick up. In. New port richey Florida only no shipping might ask for a $5.00. Fee for each idk well talk and work something out if you are interested in any of them PM me
  4. Re homing Xerxes and sunny new port richey fl

    U.S. Classifieds
    I have to rehome two of my betta buddies. Frist one is my yellow veiltail betta Sunny.the second my black king betta Xerxes. They are for pick up so if you live in Florida around the new port richey area pm me.
  5. Charlotte, NC; Northlake Mall area pick-up:2.5 gal tank setups, plants, decor, bettas

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Alright, made a post about this before but I'm going to make this a bit more tidy looking. Plus I'm moving by the 20th of this month (was unexpectedly kicked out by our landlord who's having money troubles), so I need everything gone! If anyone in the Northlake Mall area is looking for smaller...
  6. Rescue betta needs a home. Tampa Bay Area, FL

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    I have a rescue betta that I am rehabilitating, and when he is healthy, he will need a new home. He will be ready to go within a month depending on how quickly he heals. He was close to death when I got him a few days ago, but has gotten much better in a short time. I only got him because I felt...
  7. Looking to Adopt!

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    Any bettas for adoption? I don't mind the gender or color! :-)
  8. Bettas for Adoption!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    The below bettas are up for adoption! All of these guys have been rescued from the petstore or have been poorly cared for and given a second chance at a good life. Will you become that person who gives them what they deserve? Being a rescue we only ask that you pay for shipping. PayPal only...
  9. im thinking about putting my betta up for Adoption

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    I feel like a stupid 5 year old kid , I was in the pet store the other day with my friend and saw a nice looking betta fish , my friend suggested I get one so a few days later I did. so everything was going good upuntill I learned about fish TB and all the things this fish can die from and now...
  10. RElive: Betta Splenda Rehablitation and Rescue

    List of Bettas: CT Cambodian Red/White Female -- Cilantro CT Cambodian Red/Orange Female -- Parsley VT Cambodian Red/White Female -- Oregano VT Solid Red Female -- Rosemary VT Wild Type Female -- Aloe Comb Mask Steel Blue Female -- Genevieve FT Solid Copper Male -- Fernando PK Butterfly...
  11. Free male betta in nj! - want to find good home.

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    ::::NEEDS NEW HOME:::: Received this guy from my professor on Tuesday October 13th. Was okay with it until I found out that betta's living in mud puddles was a myth. Now I feel bad that he's in his current bowl & would like him to be in something bigger. Sadly I do not have the finances for...
  12. Which Gender of Betta Do You Prefer and Why?

    Betta Fish Care
    I'm looking into getting a 5th betta- they're so addicting :) I have a great tank set up, and I'm ready to go, just wondering about what betta I want to get. All the bettas I have currently and ones I've had in the past have been male, so I'm wondering if perhaps I should get a female this time...
  13. Female Betta Free to a Good Home

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    I need to find a new home for Indigo, my cute little female betta. Her background: I got her thinking that I could put her in with my other "female" betta. Unfortunately, it tuned out that my original betta was not a female like I had previously thought. He was mislabeled when I got him...
  14. Adopting a female betta

    Betta Fish Care
    I am adopting a betta from my boyfriends brother who no longer (aka never really did) have time to take care of her. She was kept in a small unheated vase (probably about .5 gallons) and is fed a diet of strictly freeze dried blood worms. I plan on putting her in a divided, cycled, heated ten...
  15. Started rescuing bettas

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, I have started rescuing or fostering bettas, once I get them healthy I need homes for them to. I need to know if anybody is interested in taking crowntails, halfmoons and betta splendens all healthy and in various colours, all you need to do is pay shipping no adoption fee at all! Thank you.
  16. Selling (rehoming) all Domestics

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    Hi all, I am on my third successful spawn and, because I just lost my job, as well as deciding to breed only rare wilds, I am going to sell all of my domestic bettas. I would be happy with 25.00 each for my males, which have all successfully spawned, and 50.00 for all my females. All have eggs...
  17. Female up for Adoption (FREE!)

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    So I have a sorority starting up and for the most part it is going really well. Except one fish has been super aggressive and I have noticed that the fish are happier without her in it. So I have removed her, but as a highschooler I really do not have the money to start up a third tank just for...
  18. Females for adoption

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    Hi Everyone, Need to make room for the next spawn and was hoping to find a few adoptees for the last remaining of my last spawn. They are Veil-tail and have nice coloring to them. You can make a nice sorority from them and I also have a sibling male from them as well. I am willing to ship...
  19. New mail box boy and photo updates of the others!

    Betta Pictures
    Hey all, so my most recent mailbox boy was a very sick, big blue veiltail. I've had him for about ...5 days? Anyway here's a comparison between then and now! The rest of my photos are before/afters of the other boys and girl who were left in my care. Most of them are looking for homes! Before...
  20. Need to adopt out some beautiful boys!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey betta friends, I live in Vancouver WA and need to adopt out some of my beautiful bettas. I can travel about an hour in any direction. I just want them to go to good homes! I lost my job and have to move. Each has a heater, tank, and most have plants. There's a MG halfmoon, a multi halfmoon...