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amazing betta fish

  1. Orange Dalmatian breeding line (I apologize for the massive photos)

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I read somewhere (Most likely here on the forum) that when breeding for orange Dalmatians, breeding a male dalmatian to a solid orange or red would produce more dalmatians. I received some bettas from aquabid today and I won't breed until the fall but I just wanted some info about keeping this...
  2. Look at this betta. =O … O__O

    Betta Chat
    For sale on Aquabid. Fgegrgtgthr WHY does it have to be so gorgeous, and WHY do they have to be so pricey!? After import and shipping, around $60. I just got two imported last week. I'm hovering over that "buy now" button, but OMG so expensive. -_- But it's so unique looking, crowntail on top...