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  1. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Pretty new to this forum but addicted already going through posts. I have in a 5 gallon tank - one male betta (Gandalf), and two apple snails (Brownie & Gertrude). We got Gandalf after Jose's passing. He was in our friend's care while we were gone for two weeks in Maui. Jose's tank was fully...
  2. Betta Memorials
    Well, a week ago my precious Apple died. I guess he was a bit old.. He was doing just fine (I checked the water, everything is ok), but he was getting shy and didn’t want to flare or make bubble nests anymore.. at first I thought that it could be because of the other female bettas (too much...
  3. Betta Art
    I don't know if anyone has ever played the game Pocket Frogs but I think that I want to get my friend to help me create a similar game only with betta fish. I think it would be awesome. Basically the game is collecting all the colors of the 30+ patterns/finnage varieties etc. and there are...
1-3 of 4 Results