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  1. Aquabid fish, seller Aurorabetta99

    Betta Chat
    I was wondering if anyone had and experience with the seller Aurorabetta99 on aquabid? I'm wanting to buy a betta fish from them but I'm a little nervous since I'm a first time buyer.
  2. Anyone know anything about aquabid?

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    I hope this is the right place to post this question, but here goes: How long should it take for a seller to contact you? I won a beautiful boy on the 3rd and got a bill via paypal right away(which i paid immediately). Ive emailed the seller twice trying to confirm my transshipper of choice, and...
  3. Reputable Online Bettas?

    Canada Classifieds
    Hello all, I've decided to buy a betta online. I want to support breeders who (probably) treat their bettas better than big box stores who get bettas from mills and ship them in tiny bags and then store them in tiny cups... Anyway, has anyone in Canada successfully dealt with an online...
  4. Is Aquabid safe?

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    I know there have been posts about how to buy off of Aquabid, but has anyone found it to be a very safe site? There are some beautiful bettas on that site, and I constantly are looking at them. Has anyone here bought a betta from there? Was there nice packaging? Was anyone ripped off? What are...
  5. Aquabid - should I go for it?

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    Hey, So about 2 weeks ago I lost my beloved female betta Stella to tumors. I had her for 2 and half years so I know she lived a good life. This past weekend, I finally cleaned the hospital tank and her tank and set it back up and checked to make sure it is still cycled (which it is). I've...
  6. HELP! Ordered betta and shipping delayed!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello everyone, I have recently order 2 pairs of HMPK on aquabid, and it has not been delivered to my home. I suspect they will arrive tomorrow. They have been in transit for around 48 hours and the dang usps doesn't get them to my house on expected date. I suspect I may get a DOA :cry:. They...
  7. Aquabid Help? (First timer)

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    Evening everyone! I was hoping that I could get some advice/guidelines on how to follow through with an From winning to the fish arriving at my residence... I have been searching around and read a lot about Aquabid and transhippers and who is good and who is not, etc. I...
  8. Blue/green dragons?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I have read that dragonscale is characterized by thick, whitescaling and that when naming dragons the color describes their body color and not their scale color. I have also read that blue dragons are not possible. My question is whether or not the "dragons" below are really dragons, as their...
  9. Help me choose between two bettas!!

    Betta Pictures
    So I really need your guys' help! I'm stuck between these two bettas and I've got no idea! So let's start voting for which one you like best! We'll call this girl #1 And she'll be #2 Alright. So if you could all tell me which one you guys like best and why you like that specific one it...
  10. Orange Dalmatian breeding line (I apologize for the massive photos)

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I read somewhere (Most likely here on the forum) that when breeding for orange Dalmatians, breeding a male dalmatian to a solid orange or red would produce more dalmatians. I received some bettas from aquabid today and I won't breed until the fall but I just wanted some info about keeping this...
  11. I'm getting one of my dream betta's!!! (Thai Import)

    Betta Pictures
    So this is my first aquabid buy and I am too excited, not only am I getting one of my dream fish I got a pretty little female for him in the anticipation of a future spawn ^-^ Both of them are from the breeder Blimp33. So here they are! Orange Dalmatian Half Moon! In the listing it says he's an...
  12. Ren and Kamui flying to me from Thailand!

    Betta Chat
    So excited! I bought two beautiful boys I hope to show and breed on aquabid recently. Ren is a Monster Fancy Devil HM and is named after a character from a japanese visual novel I love called Dramatical Murder. He looks like he might go blue on me and he just looks like a Ren! Kamui is an...
  13. Ordering fish online?

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    How are fish ordered online? When they are shipped to the transhipper, can the transhipper ship the fish to you or do you have to pick it up? I was considering getting a fish off of aquabid but I am new to any online ordering. Thanks for any help.
  14. UPSCALES: A "fancy fish" blog

    Chapter 1: I Aqua bid you good day My fish journey begins with the discovery of Aquabid and its beautiful colourful fish. I came across the site while looking online for info about betta fish and became obsessed. I knew I needed to get my fish from there. So I picked out a beautiful Blue and...
  15. New owner of 2 Bettas that needs tank help!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I just ordered 2 new beautiful Betta fish from Aquabid coming at the end of the month. I went to the petstore and decided on a 5 gallon tank for the first fish. I also bought a water heater and some decorations. After looking at it for awhile I feel like I should get an even larget tank for the...
  16. Has any one ever done this?!

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    So I was on Aquabid today....browsing, minding my own business, looking at female bettas to stock my sorority with..when i accidentally bided on one.............HOW do you accidentally bid on a fish on aquabid you ask? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I honestly don't know what happened! I was looking at fish...
  17. Newish and lots of questions

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey guys! Okay, so first off, I'm not exactly "brand new" to bettas, I've had a few in the past that I've given all my love to, but I just recently bought 3 off of AquaBid and I want to make sure I'm doing everything as perfectly as possible. I know there is a large portion of betta care that...
  18. buying fish from overseas

    Betta Fish Care
    So I've fallen in love with numerous fish on aquabid what all does one need to know when it comes to buying from overseas?
  19. Chrushing On Aquabid.. *Sighs having a lack of money.*

    Betta Chat
    So many beautiful fish... So many... I'm especially crushing on this one sellers stock. Whoever you are, I love your fish. Especially them wild bettas. I so wish I could get some, and I hope their still there by the...
  20. Introduction, and Needing Betta Critique! :)

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself because I am fairly new to hobby breeding, and decided to join this form to learn more from all of you intelligent, more experienced people! :) I am excited to announce that I made my first Aquabid purchase last week, and I am very happy with...