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  1. Tank mates for my 6 gallon tank

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi! I just purchased a Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank yesterday and I have began a fish-less cycle using ammonia. I plan to purchase a male betta once complete... can I provide him with any tank makes? I originally planned for something like a Kuhli Loach or Cardinal Tetras.. but fear the tank is...
  2. What type of rock is this?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hello all! My LFS has a bunch of aquascaping rocks for sale. Most of them are razor-sharp, so not at all fin-friendly. There is however one type of smooth rock that I like, and I was wondering what type of rock it is so that I can research whether the rock would affect my water parameters. The...
  3. Aquascaping Tips

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hey guys! I recently ordered a plant package and I need help aquascaping! No matter how many times I move things around I just can't seem to like it! I'm open to any suggestions, plants and all! Any feedback/advice means a lot! I included the overall, left and right side pics. My specs are low...
  4. Advice please on transferring to a 10 gal tank (in 4 wks).

    Betta Fish Care
    Currently I have Dexter, a male Betta, and 11 ghost shrimp in a hooded 5.5 gal tank w/light. MarineLand 10 watt filter- preset to 78 but thermometer says it's ranges from 74-76 F (temp in house during winter is roughly 66-68). AquaClear Power Filter 20 (baffled) with a sponge over the filter...
  5. My aquascaping SUCKS. Help please??? Ideas?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hi, I ordered a Fluval Spec V and want a super zen, awesome looking tank for my little orange betta. I'd love for it to be fun for him and calming for me. Here's what I have to work with: A couple of bunches of mondo grass (or what looks like mondo grass? I'm not sure what it's actually...
  6. Help identifying plants?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I ordered a package of live plants, sellers choice. It finally got here and the plants are pretty but I have no idea what they are and where they should be. Can you help me identify them? And tell me where they should be (tied to wood, in gravel, etc.). Also feel free to tell me if I'm doing...
  7. Plant help Ideas?!?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hey i have so far a few plants dotted around my tank and want to introduce more. I am putting some drift wood in once its clean and boiled as so far it just floats. I want some plant that will cover the gravel around the stems of my current plants, and maybe the drift wood as well. Is there...
  8. Something I've drawn

    Betta Art
    My boyfriend and I live together. We adopted Sir Guppy, a male betta, at the local Petsmart a couple of weeks ago. So far our 2.5 gal looks bare but I've drawn out how I would like to set it up: a partial carpet of java moss with some java fern in a corner and the betta hammock we got placed...
  9. Plants, Toys & Fish-games

    Betta Fish Care
    My specimen plants for the 10g arrived today via 2day air from in great condition. I'll post pics and desc. in my album later. One of the plants I ordered are true Japanese moss balls. The description is not formatted well, but is charming as it relates the Japanese...