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  1. Im bored, drawing your betta for fun (free!)

    Betta Art
    Hi guys, Im bored tonight and I would just want to draw some stuff, so why not bettas? Here's some of my work: WARNING: Im sipping some champagne so my next drawings won't be as detailed as those above but Ill do my best ;) If you are interested, answer those 3 questions! - what's the name...
  2. Swim In Peace Comic : Auditions

    Betta Chat
    So, I had this idea to memorialize fish those who have passed. I miss my Scaleywag desperately, and wish to create adventures for fish to go on. At the moment, I'm not quite sure what the comic will be about yet, but until I have some characters for it, I have time to think C: I would like to...
  3. Anime version of your betta! (free)

    Betta Art
    Hello, My Betta Sharkie recently passed away, and I decided to draw her in anime form. (Since I fail at drawing fish) It's winter break right now, so would anyone else like to have their fish drawn? :) One fish per person please, it takes about 4 hours to draw one, two would be practically an...
  4. Digital Betta Fish Commissions

    Betta Art
    Hello! It's been a long while! I'm re-opening my commissions for digital art of your betta fish! Here are some links to art that I've done in the past; Forgotten Things by Syrazel-NightRose on DeviantArt Dancing Betta by Syrazel-NightRose on DeviantArt Last Unicorn Betta by...
  5. Watercolor bettas

    Betta Art
    I'm new here, so I thought I'd make my first post about some of my watercolor betta doodles, the top red one is based off of my betta Louboutin.
  6. Wish upon a fish

    Betta Art
    I have a fish themed art print for sale in my Society6 shop. You can buy it at this link. I also have shirts, electronics cases, and other products with this design for sale as well.
  7. Digital Betta Art

    Betta Art
    I'll start with my Betta Art and hopefully I will be able to see other peoples Digital Art. I would love to see it ;-) First Betta Attempt: Second Attempt: Lemme see your Digital Art :D Betta fish or not!
  8. Betta art & stickers for sale :3 Custom ones too!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Check out my etsy store for betta fish artwork, stickers, and custom commissions if you want your own fish immortalized in art :D If you have any questions, lemme know!!
  9. Trade art for air pump & airstone

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I need an aerator and a medium or large air stone for a 10 gallon tank. I can do a 7x10" watercolor or ink portrait of your betta in exchange. Here is a link to my portfolio site with some examples of my artwork:
  10. Betta Pen & Ink Drawings

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I can do custom betta pen and ink drawings with your fish's name. For a 5"x7" drawing Black and white: $15 Color: $17 For a 7"x10" drawing B&W: $18 Color: $20 I know this isn't a fish, but this shows the style:
  11. Wanted: filter, heater, and aerator for 10 gal

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Hi. I'm looking for a filter, heater, and aerator for a 10 gallon tank. I can trade for a 6x9" pen & ink drawing of your betta with his or her name in this style:
  12. Watercolor YOUR Betta!

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    Hi, I'm Nessa and I recently started painting betta fish on canvas. If you would like your betta fish to be watercolored on canvas it's only $15 shipping included. This is one of my works! :)) [img=] Please PM me to make a transaction
  13. Digital Betta Art

    Betta Pictures
    So this is my first attempt at drawing a Betta :P I think I did pretty well on first attempt. I'll be posting more on this thread. Also, if you yourself do digital art post it here :D I wanna see!
  14. Attention art lovers!

    Betta Art
    Hi everyone, I am a young artist from Australia. Today I opened my own online store at I am also doing a giveaway! Check out my Facebook account at or instagram @shesheridan for details! Competition open worldwide...
  15. Taking commissions! Betta fish portraits on canvas and more! [image heavy]

    Betta Art
    Hello all! I am a professional artist who is currently pursuing two college degrees at the same time. I know photos don't always do our beloved pets justice, so I thought I would offer commissions for fish portraits! (Of course, if you want to commission a picture of something non-fish, like a...
  16. Watercolor betta

    Betta Art
    I tried painting Orion! Here's a photo of him along with the painting :)
  17. I can draw your betta!

    Betta Art
    I can draw your betta! I am not the best artist but it will be a good practice. Please provide a clear picture for me to draw if you would like me to draw your betta.
  18. Betta Illustrations

    Betta Art
    Hi all :) I am quite a newbie with raising betta fish and to this website. But I have alot of experience with Illustration. Two events happened fairly recently that had lead up to me making this thread, 1. I recieved a baeutiful sketchbook for christmas and 2. I found my new inspiration, a...
  19. even drawn bettas suffer from real deformities, lol

    Betta Art
    a day off work means plenty of time to goof off and doodle. i need to remind myself to not rush things. case in point, i rushed on the scale work and my poor red betta ended up with some ugly x-factor scaling. :rofl: luckily, unlike real fish, this deformity can be corrected with a color...
  20. A replica of my betta I made using polymer clay

    Betta Art
    Hi guys! I like to replicate betta fish with polymer clay and turn them into jewelry pendants. A lot of the time I recreate beautiful bettas I find online and turn them into pendants as well. This one is actually one of my own bettas. His name is Jack and I get to wear him wherever I go! :) Hope...