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  1. Betta Fish Care
    I have a quick question. At the moment i'm hatching bbs it has been 4 days they all hatch for the most part. When should I start the new batch ? I use 1 tbs of eggs and salt combo. Is there a time frame that I should start making a new batch ?
  2. Betta Fish Care
    My quick question is when do you switch over from infusoria to bbs ? I have no microworms on hand just infusoria and bbs ? Just a rough estimate would be helpful or any other tip thank you !!
  3. Breeding Betta Fish
    I read the info about BBS on the sticky, as well as other research I have done... But how much do you need for one average sized batch of fry? I don't want to be wasteful. If I picked up a medicine syringe from the local vets office, how much food would I need to measure out for approx. 100...
1-3 of 3 Results