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  1. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I am way more comfortable with mollies, platies and fish of that sort, I decided I want to stock my tank with them. However, I have always wanted a beta fish and despite the aggressive nature of them, I want a male beta because they are wayy prettier.( but I value health of my fish over...
  2. Other Fish
    To start off I have two and a half tanks, one 10 gallon, one 5 gallon, and then one gallon bowl that I originally used to do water changes. When I first got my beta I kept him in the one gallon bowl and then when I had the money I upgraded to a five gallon tank and moved him into it and got him...
  3. Journals
    Hey, guys! I'm back after a break. I've decided to start a general journal to just rant about my fishes. (Warning, sarcasm and irony is going to come up at some point in this thread. Be warned.) :grin2: Some things to come in this summer are: 1: The possibility of potentially breeding my new...
1-3 of 3 Results