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  1. Betta Art
    I originally drew this because I was inspired by my VT, Akai, who was a pretty red punk of a fish. He died suddenly not long after I did this, I'd had him for about a year. Fine one day, gone the next. I was devastated but didn't let it stop me and I've added to my betta collection. So I...
  2. Betta Art
    Here is some of my art both digitally done and done in polymer clay. I love trying out new mediums to do betta related art. I am open for commissions if anyone is interested, please PM me. These are just a few examples of my work, please visit my tumblr page to see more. Mechy's Workshop I am...
  3. Betta Art
    I'll start with my Betta Art and hopefully I will be able to see other peoples Digital Art. I would love to see it ;-) First Betta Attempt: Second Attempt: Lemme see your Digital Art :D Betta fish or not!
  4. Betta Art
    Hello all! I am a professional artist who is currently pursuing two college degrees at the same time. I know photos don't always do our beloved pets justice, so I thought I would offer commissions for fish portraits! (Of course, if you want to commission a picture of something non-fish, like a...
  5. Betta Art
    My cousin is an artist and I requested a betta fish painting. She sells her paintings online to sell things from t-shirts to phone cases! She put the beautiful betta picture up to sell merchandise. It would be great if you would check it out! You might want to treat yourself or a friend...
  6. Betta Art
    I tried painting Orion! Here's a photo of him along with the painting :)
  7. Betta Art
    I can draw your betta! I am not the best artist but it will be a good practice. Please provide a clear picture for me to draw if you would like me to draw your betta.
  8. Betta Art
    I'm gonna do a few different mediums, so they will look all different. Post you picture(s) to this thread for drawings:) I can also include snails and other tankmates if they're in any pictures!
  9. Betta Art
    Hi guys! I like to replicate betta fish with polymer clay and turn them into jewelry pendants. A lot of the time I recreate beautiful bettas I find online and turn them into pendants as well. This one is actually one of my own bettas. His name is Jack and I get to wear him wherever I go! :) Hope...
  10. Betta Art
    I could make some cute drawings of your betta/betta fam! I would do more cartoony, but if given more time I could make them more realistic. If anyone wants to be a trial client then just post a pic(s) below!:-D
  11. Betta Art
    Uh I couldn't think of a better title. Well, I've been wanting to draw my boy for a while now, and I finally drew him! I draw, but I've never drawn a fish except for those ovals with a triangle tail (you all know what I'm talking about). After holding it up near the photo, I realized I drew his...
  12. Betta Art
    Yeah I just imagined this in my head, but it didn't turn out exactly like I imagined it, I drew it on my computer so, wouldn't expect it to be that great :P
  13. Betta Art
    So I got this thing... And now I can paint! Whoo! I found what is easy for me, so I'm gonna do free bettas! Rules: You can choose to have bettas name on picture Black and white picture requests are aloud Up to three requests only Multiple fish are aloud I do the background the photo has as...
  14. Member Classifieds
    Hi guys! With Christmas right around the corner and me putting distance between myself and the people I would normally be churning away at making holiday cards for, I thought I might offer to put that effort towards you guys! For $10 I will design you a custom holiday or greeting e-card. For...
  15. Journals
    Chapter 1: I Aqua bid you good day My fish journey begins with the discovery of Aquabid and its beautiful colourful fish. I came across the site while looking online for info about betta fish and became obsessed. I knew I needed to get my fish from there. So I picked out a beautiful Blue and...
  16. Betta Art
    I was actually wondering if anyone would want me to doodle their betta/s for practice. I'd love to do some. :-)
  17. Betta Art
    I'm making free pixels of your betta babies!! Post/link me decent quality photos of your betta so I can accurately reference their color and unique fin shapes! I can get these done relatively quickly, so response time is almost immediate. Here are a couple of examples: I would like to...
  18. Betta Art
    Hi there! So I'm just really bored… An example of my art is below! I just threw that together really quickly. I'll spend more time on yours! Thanksies! Waiting list: 1. 2. 3. Meh.
1-18 of 21 Results