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  1. Betta Art
    I originally drew this because I was inspired by my VT, Akai, who was a pretty red punk of a fish. He died suddenly not long after I did this, I'd had him for about a year. Fine one day, gone the next. I was devastated but didn't let it stop me and I've added to my betta collection. So I...
  2. Betta Art
    Hello, My Betta Sharkie recently passed away, and I decided to draw her in anime form. (Since I fail at drawing fish) It's winter break right now, so would anyone else like to have their fish drawn? :) One fish per person please, it takes about 4 hours to draw one, two would be practically an...
  3. Betta Art
    I can draw your betta! I am not the best artist but it will be a good practice. Please provide a clear picture for me to draw if you would like me to draw your betta.
  4. Betta Art
    I'm gonna do a few different mediums, so they will look all different. Post you picture(s) to this thread for drawings:) I can also include snails and other tankmates if they're in any pictures!
1-4 of 4 Results