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  1. Betta Chat
    Hi. I am making a aquarium-fish breeding game and am trying to choose some good mating attributes, I need to make them general for many fish, but I will start with Bettas. I have come up with these attributes for now: Species- for example Betta splendens Type - for example Veil tail Gender -...
  2. Betta Chat
    I was telling one of my friends about all the colors and patterns bettas come in, when I realized I had never seen a green betta. As in, a grass green or neon green betta, not the turquoise color or the olive-green-brown color of the wild types. Is this perhaps a color that can't exist in...
  3. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, so this is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's a bit out of format haha. :oops: I got a new male betta fish about two months ago. When I got him initially, he was extremely vibrant in color - bright red fins, bluish green body. Crazy, deep, colors. Super striking. For about a month and a...
  4. Betta Fish Care
    this is Valentine not shore how old or if it's male or female. Some say eather so it might be to young to tell but when do baby or immature bettas get thire color. And is VAL still getting color in
  5. Betta Pictures
    I went Betta shopping and supplies pricing today, I found so many Betta that are all so pretty, how do I choose which one to get! Here are some that I'm interested in! I need one that suits the name Bacardi! I'm a little attached to this one! Any ideas there are over 50 Betta to choose...
  6. Betta Pictures
    i have no idea what breeds these are please help me figure it out an what you would call their colors!
  7. Betta Pictures
    Can anyone please tell me what color type Kelso is? Picture heavy. Close View Of Kelso! Fuzzy, but it shows the basic point here. Aerial View. Any ideas?
1-7 of 7 Results