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  1. Bettas Got Talent Contest! Spooky Edition

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    Does your fish got talent? Then show it to the world! It is the spooky month of October, and if your betta fish can do a trick, it might just win the treat: winning this contest! This contest is for bettas that can perform tricks such as swim through a hoop, jump, jump through a hoop, follow...
  2. Fun contest

    Betta Fish Contests
    This is just a fun contest. Rules: it must be a betta ;). it cannot be a veil tail or a round tail. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN BETTA. The top three bettas will get judged so take great pictures. THE PRIZE: I will cartoonize your fish and send it to you via message and if you want it i could...
  3. Valentines crown tail betta contest

    Betta Fish Contests
    valentinies ct betta contest this is not an official contest theres no prize is only to showcase a beatiful fish rules 1.this is only a crown tail betta contest picture per fish 3.share youre bettas name with us 4. I will be the judge and the contest will be...
  4. Christmas Betta Contest

    Betta Fish Contests
    So, the name basically says it all. It's a Christmas betta contest! Rules: Post a picture of your Christmas betta. They can be Christmas colored or just look Christmas-like. (a photo of your betta edited to have a Santa hat on your betta is fine.) Prize: A hand drawn picture of your betta...
  5. OFFICIAL Lets Have a (Betta) Fish Contest! Ends 7/15/12 or a little later

    Betta Fish Contests
    Who Has The Best Show Betta (and others) of Summer 2012? Read and Enter Below To Find Out! Visit HERE for discussion thread and a favorite color betta poll. A Big Thanks To Photobucket For the picture above. NOTE: BETTAFISH.COM IS NOT AN ACTUAL HOST OF THIS CONTEST. To Enter: Fill Out the...