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  1. Betta Art
    I originally drew this because I was inspired by my VT, Akai, who was a pretty red punk of a fish. He died suddenly not long after I did this, I'd had him for about a year. Fine one day, gone the next. I was devastated but didn't let it stop me and I've added to my betta collection. So I...
  2. Betta Art
    I've been drawing Bettas for fun and I would like to know what you think and if you would like me to draw yours. I usually do full digital drawings, but sometimes I do off of paper or a combination of digital and paper. I know it's not extremely realistic, but it ends up kinda cute. If you...
  3. Betta Art
    Last night I wanted to do a watercolor painting of Arley and all I got done was the sketch. I just traced a photo because I can't draw a proportionate fish to save my life (where are my art skills when I need them). The paper is 6" x 8" and I plan on painting it then going over the lines with a...
  4. Betta Art
    I could make some cute drawings of your betta/betta fam! I would do more cartoony, but if given more time I could make them more realistic. If anyone wants to be a trial client then just post a pic(s) below!:-D
  5. Betta Art
    Uh I couldn't think of a better title. Well, I've been wanting to draw my boy for a while now, and I finally drew him! I draw, but I've never drawn a fish except for those ovals with a triangle tail (you all know what I'm talking about). After holding it up near the photo, I realized I drew his...
  6. Betta Art
    Yeah I just imagined this in my head, but it didn't turn out exactly like I imagined it, I drew it on my computer so, wouldn't expect it to be that great :P
1-6 of 6 Results