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  1. Betta Art
    i just got bored so i drew two pictures betta's here they are: i dont know if there good then this one (not so good) tell me what you think :-)
  2. Breeding Betta Fish
    Ok, I decided to make a thread where you can post pics and links of the betta's that you have bred and are selling on Aquabid, Ebay, ect. I made this thrad because I've noticed alot of betta's looking for a good home and I know for a fact the people on this site would LOVE to take home these...
  3. Betta Chat
    I almost ALMOST bought betta number 5 tonight at the wal mart I never go to! Most of the place is GROSS but they seem to take care of their fish section. Anyway they had this gorgeous ORANGE AND GREEN VT that I wanted to take home so bad... And I would have too if I had an open place to put a...
1-3 of 3 Results