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black orchid

  1. dennythebetta's Betta Journal

    Hello, everyone. I haven't been on this site for a couple of months now, since I got Asteria, and I wanted to start a journal (even though it might be a bit boring, because I currently have only one fish). I guess I should start at the beginning. The Introduction At first I wanted a...
  2. Hello All! Just got my new Crowntail in from Thailand.

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    Just got this guy in the mail today from Thailand, hes a Black Copper/Black orchid CT male, with some nice strong clean and even rays, already in love!:lol:
  3. My fishies : P [including first one from aquabid] ^^

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    Sooo...I've recently really gotten into fish keeping/bettas. XD (Can't believe I'm posting on a betta fish forum D: lol) I have also been addicted to Aquabid. >_> As I am horribly indecisive it took me forever before actually purchasing a black orchid crowntail I really liked. :P I have a new 5...