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  1. Journals
    So yeah guys I'm new but I thought I would create a blog mainly for my fish and sometimes for my other pets but let's get into this :D. (Also sorry all these pics and vids are bad they were taken on an iPod Touch 4th Gen.) My 33 gallon goldfish tank - Stock: 2 telescope eye goldfish 1 weather...
  2. Journals
    I made a betta blog. Yes I have. I obviously have too much time on my hands. I try to put as much information on there as possible. I update it everyday or every other day. That is it. If anyone wants a picture of their betta fish on my blog just show me the...
  3. Journals
    I absolutely love Betta Fish! I even started my own blog about Betta Fish. It's really new, so I would definitely appreciate you guys checking it out! I talk about everything Betta related, and I post everyday! I also show pictures of my wonderful Bettas! I hope you find the time to check it...
1-3 of 4 Results