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  1. Looking for Betta Breeders in Calgary, AB

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    Hi, new to the forum. I want to start a Betta sorority and would like to acquire sisters if possible, or girls that have been in close proximity. Any breeders in or around Calgary?
  2. Any breeders near Boston?

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    I am returning to Boston for school and I plan on getting a new Betta. My other boy is now living back at home with my mom. I was wondering if there are any breeders near Boston, MA. I would like to support a local breeder if I can, especially since there are not many trustworthy places to get a...
  3. Reputable Online Bettas?

    Canada Classifieds
    Hello all, I've decided to buy a betta online. I want to support breeders who (probably) treat their bettas better than big box stores who get bettas from mills and ship them in tiny bags and then store them in tiny cups... Anyway, has anyone in Canada successfully dealt with an online...
  4. Helloo from NC

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hello! I am relatively new to fishkeeping (haven't had fish since I was young!) and wish to start keeping a betta or two in the coming months. The only reason I haven't is because i'm expecting to move pretty soon. I live in the Charlotte area and would love to get in contact with some local...
  5. Quality Breeder on YouTube?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Has anyone heard/viewed this YouTube channel before? The guy states he is a top breeder and "the only top breeder online." He says a few things in the videos, specifically the 3 breeding videos, that does not match what the majority of...
  6. CO Breeder and disinfectant recommendations?

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    My betta Hero just died this morning from mycobacteria, and I'm just kind of tired of buying them from Petco/Petsmart, they seem to always be sick. If I bleach the tank (and heater and such), then boil it and leave it to dry in the sun, will that be enough to kill the bacteria and be safe enough...
  7. Looking For Breeders in North Carolina

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    Soon this summer i'm moving down to NC for a couple months and i was wondering if there was any Betta Breeders down or near Atlantic Beach , NC? I would be very happy to buy some bettas as i am starting to breed them. Thx!
  8. Looking for Betta Breeders

    Hello, I had rescued a pink/blue double tail male from a local petco. And he died of an unknown cause about a week later. I have no idea what he died from, he was eating, swimming, flaring, and had no sign of any disease or illness.. I was so upset when he died.. But I knew that my baby betta...
  9. Haha well hi ! I'm new !

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Hey guys ! I'm a big time aquarium enthusiast with lots of experience with not only freshwater aquariums, but marine as well. I've always had bettas, but now I'm looking to get more involved in it and get into the real show quality fish! I figure here is a good place to learn more about them...
  10. Breeder in Kansas

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I know this should be posted in the classifieds section but sadly I don't have enough posts to post it there :-( I am just looking for a quality betta breeder in Kansas. My LFS(s) honestly have some of the saddest fish I have seen. I would love to get one and help it back to health but I really...
  11. Dwarf Cichlids

    Other Fish
    Hello community, I'm trying to compile a contact list for local dwarf cichilid breeders in the Tronto, ontario and surrounding area's. If anyone has any contact name, email or phone numbers please feel free to list them along with what they breed.
  12. Experienced breeder interview

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey everyone! For my college course, I have to do a career research project. I asked my professor if betta fish breeding was considered a career and she said yes. I am very interested in betta fish breeding and someday hope to do so. I understand I have a lot to learn. So now, I am looking to...
  13. Good Female Breeder

    Show Bettas
    Hi, everyone. I am going to be breeding soon. In the future I would like to participate in IBC shows. For the most part I know what to look for in a male betta, but females look so different from males and seem to be judged a little differently than males are judged. So my question is what...
  14. Hoping To Have A Non-Betta Tank (Need Stocking Ideas)

    Other Fish
    Not to say I don't like Bettas anymore of course, but I have 3 tanks dedicated to them and I'm looking to branch out :P So yea, I have a 40g Breeder. Totally empty. Sitting there. Calling meeeeeeee. But I have no idea what to put in it D: I have an appropriate heater so I can go tropical or...
  15. selling bettas to LFSs

    Breeding Betta Fish
    so, i might be a little slow on this, but recently i have been considering breeding bettas... and while i have always been concerned about having a place to sell them to (i just talked to a small pet shop in town and he said he would buy them! :D) i had never even considered how much i should...
  16. BETTA MACS FOR SALE- Wild Betta Macrostomas

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hey All, It's been a while since I have been on, I hope everyone (and their bettas) are well! I am moving across the province and am having to let go of my 2 pair of Wild Betta Macrostoma's. If anyone is interested in purchasing the 2 pair, please let me know. I am hoping to find serious...
  17. Texas Breeders

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    Hi everyone, just wondering if you guys knew of any betta fish breeders in texas or any breeders that ship to Texas? More specifically the Austin area? Thanks a bunch! Happy New Year from Turtle the Betta Fish! :-P
  18. Betta fish breeders in Colorado

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi everybody i'm starting this thread to find kind relible breeders in my home state of Colorado (the best state:-D). I also started this thread for other Coloradoans who need a good breeder. Personally I'm really really tired of seeing bettas kept in containers smaller than a watter bottle in...