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  1. Breeding Betta Fish
    I’ve been thinking about starting to breed bettas. But I’m not so sure since I read that females can lay a LOT. So, once the female rests a bit after laying her eggs, can I let her eat a few until I have a satisfying number of eggs? (With my supervision of course!)
  2. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello guys im trying to breed a pair of bettas i know some times its going to be a wild and aggresive process but is that normal that the female take the half of the male tail ?! I will provide a pic This was yesterday and today the female is dropping the eggs and she is eating all of them and...
  3. Breeding Betta Fish
    I was wondering how breeders find homes for all the fry! Are they sold to local pet stores, or on eBay/Cregslist? or possibly any other ways
  4. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello Friends Its been a long time since i visited the forum, i have recently purchased these Betta fish and planing to breed them what you guys thing of the pair. My only concern is the female is bigger then the male will this be a problem Please let me know your comments
  5. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi! I bought two bettas today from my local pet store, one male and one female. When I bought the female, I noticed her stomach was swollen and with more research figured out that she was egg bound and that her reproductive organ was visible though she is not yet showing signs of being ready to...
  6. Breeding Betta Fish
    I have a male betta who was recently bred and had a massive bubble nest built with eggs in it. after initially placing the eggs in the nest he has almost completely ignored it, and now the nest is almost completly gone and I havent seen any of the fry. I fear that they have either been eaten or...
  7. Betta Spawn Logs
    LOL :D
1-8 of 8 Results