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  1. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello again. :) So, we have been trying to breed bettas and I think we are doing it all wrong. (n) What kind of breeding setup should I use? What should I have in the tank? What kind of decorations should I put in? What is condition bettas? What can they use to build the bubble nests under...
  2. Betta Chat
    I bought this girl from the Pet store a couple of weeks ago. She was greyish/whitish. Now look at her! Does anyone know what this color is called?
  3. Breeding Betta Fish
    I'm thinking of breeding one of my boys, and I'd like opinions on who should be the lucky feller lol. I'm only breeding for fun, I'm not exactly fussed as to whether they are "show standard" bettas. Bill is the CT Ben I am still a bit unsure as to what he is, but he's the light blue guy...
  4. Breeding Betta Fish
    I think it is because some people on facebook said it is :O
  5. Breeding Betta Fish
    I have four males and four females hoping to get one breeding pair out of it. My one female Has dark lines down her body and acts like she wants to mate but when the male gets close she runs.. Why is she doing this and why is my male not making a bubble best yet? My male is white and the female...
  6. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello all. I've been stalking several spawn logs and breeding bettas is something I can see myself doing in the future. I've heard it's costly, though. What exactly do you spend approximately $500 on? Tanks? Heaters? Food? Shipping the babies off to their new homes? I'm not going to breed...
  7. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi there. I had a thought while looking at adorable baby fry pictures people post on the Spawn Log board. Does anyone ever breed Betta for keeps? What I mean is breeding a pair and keeping all/the majority of their babies. Now I realize that there can be 500+ fry after one breeding but what if...
  8. Breeding Betta Fish
    So I plan on breeding my crown tail :) This isnt for online sale or anything. Just for people and the pet stores in the area. Veiltails & crowntails are very common around here. And I have a pet store willing to take both off my hands if I breed them :).
  9. Breeding Betta Fish
    Well i have been conditioning the pair for 5 days now Including today. I just now put the two in the tank and they are flaring their butts off lol. Dont worry neptune, (the female) isnt really in, in the tank, she is In a Hurricane Glass in the tank. He is exploring like he never explored before...
  10. Breeding Betta Fish
    my betta fish was trying to make a bubblenest but my tank was dirty so i took my bettas out to clean my tank and then my betta fish didnt do anymore bubbles so will it do a bubblenest again:roll:
  11. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi there ^^' im a bit new to breeding bettas but ive done a lot of research. Now i have a breeding tank set up, the water was clean and cycled. perfect pH, and both male and female where healthy. So i put my male crowntail in, he made a great nest and i released the female today. She was...
1-11 of 11 Results