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  1. Betta Spawn Logs
    Red Tiger Male HMPK Yellow Fancy Female HMPK
  2. Betta Spawn Logs
    The fry hatched on 11th Dec so they are 3+ weeks today. I’ll bring you all up to date real quick. Mom and Dad Spawn -Dec 9 Hatched - Dec 11 Free swimming / removed dad - Dec 14 When I removed dad I had accidentally moved 3 fry with him. Not to agitate dad more, I thought I’ll leave the 3...
  3. Betta Spawn Logs
    My little lady Kaosu is from a breeder in Thailand, I have had her since March. She was my second fancy betta. Her mate, Sekihan was imported to the States and I bought him off a guy on ebay, he was my first fancy betta. I had 4 wild bettas before that, but have sold all but one and the last one...
1-3 of 3 Results