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    So my new betta, Iris, is changing color. I'm so excited! But it made me wonder, could anyone help me place what "kind" of betta he is? The store said he was a butterfly, but doesn't he have a double tail? or is butterfly the color pattern?? I'm confused. first picture is before the change
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    Ok, this is REALLY random but does anyone know where Petsmart (petshop) get their bettas from? "fish mill?" ummm... ya I was wondering this. And anyone who goes to Petsmart what are the most common colored bettas at petsmart besides red and blue. Thanks! haha :nicefish::thankyou:
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    If there's one thing that cheers me up after losing all faith in humanity because of E news, it's the antics of my two bettas, Saya and Diva (bad quality pics from my facebook at the bottom). right now, Saya's threatening her own reflection in a betta mirror exercise ball I bought at petco for...
1-3 of 3 Results