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    To start off I have two and a half tanks, one 10 gallon, one 5 gallon, and then one gallon bowl that I originally used to do water changes. When I first got my beta I kept him in the one gallon bowl and then when I had the money I upgraded to a five gallon tank and moved him into it and got him...
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    While my Betta fish heals up, I thought I'd put my energy into something more positive instead of all the worry I was doing while my tank was cycling. I tried to upload it it but the attachments feature kept giving me an error. So here it is :)
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    I've had my two kissing gourami for over a year now in my 55gal community tank. They are both males and although they have their kissing spats from time to time, I have never had a problem with one being too dominant. In the last week or so however, I've noticed one of them has become a real...