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  1. Reputable Online Bettas?

    Canada Classifieds
    Hello all, I've decided to buy a betta online. I want to support breeders who (probably) treat their bettas better than big box stores who get bettas from mills and ship them in tiny bags and then store them in tiny cups... Anyway, has anyone in Canada successfully dealt with an online...
  2. New User Really Wants a Black Orchid!

    Betta Chat
    Hi there! I've been reading this forum for about 8-9 months, I finally got around to creating an account. I've been keeping betta for three years, and currently have two: a blue CT Zircon and a green HM Seamus (my VT Dante passed away recently from dropsy). :-( As such, staring at an empty tank...
  3. Anyone Looking For Driftwood?

    Betta Fish Marketplace
    I have tons of great pieces for sale. All sizes ranging from big to small. Some driftwood pieces that are attached to slate to ensure immediately sinking. All of my driftwood releases very little tannins. If interested, please feel free to PM me for details/prices Here are just a few of the...
  4. Bettaakapes, Betta stars anyone buy from them???

    Betta Fish Care
    :-DHello! I am looking to order a Betta online one day and am just looking at some websites that sell Bettas. I found an amazing site (you should check it out if you haven't yet) it's called: Bettaakapes and the website is: They have the most gorgeous Bettas and I was...
  5. Starting a betta sim!

    Betta Chat
    So months ago I wanted to start a betta sim, but due to my tight schedule I couldn't but this time I am! I'm going to create a betta sim where you can adopt/sell/earn/explore and find bettas, this is a sim game to teach your younger kids a lesson before buying a betta fish and the care they...
  6. Good place to buy "easy" plants for cheap?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I want to add more plants to my 10 gal but anywhere I look I just can't find a good deal. I'm not exactly a green thumb so I thought I'd stick to the easy plants such as anubias, java fern, some kind of moss, that kind of thing. Does anyone know a good place to buy plants like that in a bundle...
  7. Should I get this?!?! :D

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I've had horrible luck finding live plants for my cycling aquarium, so until I find some good ones, I've resorted to silk plants. I've been looking around a lot of different petstores, but there aren't any of the plants I'm looking for :P But, you won't believe this; I found a group of live...