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  1. U.S. Classifieds
    Hey all! I've been having some trouble lately finding a place to get some cherry shrimp from with my current budget. I was wondering if anyone on here who maybe lives in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania / New York region knows a good seller of any color Neocaridina davidi or perhaps has some extra...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Hi guys! I'm looking to get a few elephant ear males and I would LOVE to get a dragon scale male or two. I have always wanted these two types of Betta fish, but I've never been able to find either type at my local pet store.
  3. Betta Art
    I make cards but also think of using some die cut out papers and décor them hand hang them on back of tank I will have see what it looks like on tank but if anyone interested let my it be $3.50 so thanks I will have see what dies I got
  4. Member Classifieds
    Hello! I currently am needing 2 females (I already have 2) so I can introduce them together in my 25 gallon heavily planted sorority tank. I will pay for shipping, and am located in Oregon. I would like to see pictures of the girls, please. Age doesn't really matter, but I would like medium...
  5. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I've just lost my Male Betta, and still recovering from the lost. But I'm still not going to give up on having a community tank with a male betta in it, especially considering how well adjusted the last one was. This one is going to be for a 10g tank, and the only fish I have in there right...
  6. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi everyone, I am planning on putting a betta in my 10 gal community with some shrimp and cory catfish and a snail. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to pick the most peaceful betta. Are there certain types that are nicer or certain things I can look for when buying? Thanks!
  7. Betta Fish Care
    So I've fallen in love with numerous fish on aquabid what all does one need to know when it comes to buying from overseas?
  8. Betta Chat
    I'm probably going to be getting a new betta soon since my betta Comet is about to die. :cry: Anyway I am going to be keeping my betta with corydoras, so I need to get one that will get along with other fish. Is there anyway to tell if a betta is super aggressive just by watching it in the...
  9. Planted Betta Tanks
    Is this a "yay" or a "nay"? I am wondering what issues can arise from buying plants online and what precautions would you have to take if you did so. Also, if there is a green light for buying plants online, what sites would you recommend and not recommend.(I would need one that can ship to Canada)
  10. Betta Fish Care
    What do you look for in a betta? most people go for the colors. Personally I like to go for ones that are more active and even flare :lol: I got two new ones today!!! Both in quarentine, but both active and eating on the first day :shock: My previously bought one, Admiral has finally become...
  11. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello. I'm looking for a nice, healthy, young, female betta for my little guy. I have had one successful spawn with him already, and he has began building another bubblenest, so this time I decided to buy him a friend. Preferences: Crowntail Halfmoon Doubletail Color wise, really intense...
  12. Betta Fish Care
    I was just wondering. I have read alot on this site about another site called aquabid, i looked it up and wow! i have never seen such beautiful fish. Now my question is, it seems most of these sellers ship all around the world. I live in australia and one buyer i was looking at ships from...
  13. Betta Fish Care
    hi, i am new to the hobby (for bettas) I was wondering where one would obtain a halfmoon from? i have been to many fish shops and only seen veils and the odd crowntail.
1-13 of 13 Results